NHS and health organisations and networks

We want to harness the extraordinary knowledge, experience and expertise of professionals working in all areas of health and social care, to optimise medicines and deliver better outcomes for patients.

In addition to our subscribers, we are keen to work with with other professionals, and share quality prescribing resources, good practice and innovation across the NHS.

That's why any NHS professional can register to use our site and access the majority of our resources for free.

How we want to work with NHS and health organisations and networks

We want to work together to:

  • Signpost patients to sources of quality information and help with their medicines
  • Collect research and evidence about patient experiences of medicines, especially those that feature in our work plan
  • Get feedback from relevant organisations on our draft resources, through our stakeholder consultation process.
  • We are also commissioned by NHS organisations to deliver prescribing related projects and are keen to work in partnership. For further information, get in touch

What you can do

We would love to hear from you if you are a professional working in health and social care with a national organisation or network.

Please sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know what's coming up and what's coming out.

If you are an NHS professional, you can also register to use our site which will give you access to most of our resources.

You can also view our work plan to see the resources that we be publishing, and register your interest for stakeholder consultation on relevant items. Please note that stakeholders will need to be representative of a relevant national organisation.   

We would also love to know about any additional sources of medicines support for patients that we should add to our list, and relevant research into patient experiences of medicines.

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