testimonialMark Galloway - Head of Medicines Management, Coventry and Rugby CCG


PrescQIPP provide the Coventry and Rugby CCG with high quality products which enable us to deliver our Medicines Optimisation programme more effectively. The resources are always of the highest quality and, more importantly, timely ensuring they underpin, contemporaneously, the work we are doing in support of GP practice and the wider CCG.

testimonialJoanne Fitzpatrick - Head of Medicines Management, Wakefield CCG


Since subscribing to PrescQIPP, we have accessed good resources and have received quick, responsive and pleasant service from the team.

testimonialMahesh Mistry - Head of Medicines Management, South East Staffordshire & Seisdon Peninsula CCG


This is a great resource which provides robust guidance and data. One of the best things about PrescQIPP is that you know you are part of a community and therefore have comfort in the knowledge there are others doing the same thing nationally.

testimonialCarol Albury - Locality Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, North East and West Devon CCG


My CCG joined this year and I was made to feel very welcome by the team and it was especially good to put faces to names at the national event.

testimonialElizabeth Mallett - Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, NHS Sunderland CCG


I think PrescQIPP is amazingly good - literally.

testimonialDiar Fattah - Pharmacist, Medway CCG


PrescQIPP has been great for me to use, it helps with data analysis and helps us compare with other areas.

testimonialSue Carter - Head of Medicines Management, Coastal West Sussex CCG


I really value everything PrescQIPP do, you've become an essential resource to underpin our everyday work.

testimonialSue Smith - Head of Prescribing and Medicines Management, Nene CCG and Corby CCG


PrescQIPP provides me with support for implementing change which is often complex. The support is provided at a strategic and operational level, and the resources are developed by people who understand the challenges. The fact that initiatives we implement locally are supported by a wider group and that decisions are not being made in isolation is invaluable.

testimonialMark Seaton / Jacqui Seaton - Strategic Lead for Medicines & Decision Support, South Staffordshire CCGs / Head of Medicines Management, Telford & Wrekin CCG


PrescQIPP as a resource is invaluable: it delivers evidence based guidance alongside practical tools to deliver change, supported by shared experience of fellow subscribers. However the greatest strength is the PrescQIPP team themselves who are always so enthusiastic and responsive to the needs of subscribers.

testimonialJane Freeguard - Head of Medicines Commissioning, South Worcestershire CCG, Redditch & Bromsgrove CCG and Wyre Forest CCG


The new processes introduced for strategic and peer review of the publications gives me great confidence in using them to effect prescribing change in our area.

testimonialJonathan Durand - CCG Lead Pharmacist, Fareham and Gosport CCG


The fact that material is validated adds to the assurance of its worth. The comprehensiveness of the dashboard is helpful in providing alternative views on performance that can help in getting the right message across. The collaborative nature of PrescQIPP is very encouraging and should be treasured.

testimonialMichael Dennis - Prescribing Advisor, Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG


I truly value the work of the PrescQIPP team and find the resources really helpful, I particularly like the attention to detail in terms of letters to patients and audit templates they produce. This makes it much easier for practices to implement change without further work on my part. Good value for money.

testimonialLiz Corteville - Locality Lead Pharmacist, West Hampshire CCG


PrescQIPP provide an excellent service. Their evidence-based bulletins and briefings are an easy way of selling various Medicines Management interventions to GP practices. They are helpful and practical and come with a range of implementation tools such as audit templates and patient information letters. The writing of detail aids has been very labour-intensive for us in the past so we are looking forward to utilising the PrescQIPP resources. They have a robust quality assurance programme checking and validating the materials. They have welcomed us as stakeholders and consulted with us on the programme of work for the next year. Overall, we are very pleased to be working with them.

testimonialGrace Quaye - Lead Pharmacist, South Eastern Hampshire CCG


PrescQIPP has provided easy access to a wide range of legitimate, evidence based resources for the whole medicines management team. The regularly updated Dashboard allows benchmarking against local and national CCGs and enhancing identification of key work streams or areas requiring further investigation. The multiple resources available are aligned to the dashboard in addition to other areas, and provide both higher level overview and more detailed analysis if required. Access to best practice from other CCGs, audits, summary documents, webinars, good referencing and sign posting have been a welcome asset in developing our own medicines management strategy. The team have always been very helpful and responded rapidly to any queries or issues. Across our team PrescQIPP is highly regarded and valued.

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