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This page will bring together all the available PrescQIPP resources relating to biosimilar medicines. This will include resources that cover some of the general principles and issues relating to all biosimilars. Then there will be specific resources that deal with the key biosimilar medicines affecting the NHS currently. Lastly there will be a section dedicated to highlighting some of the most useful websites, publications and reviews that are currently available.

B111 – Biosimilars: An Introduction

For most people the issue of biosimilar medicines is a new one. Although the medicines involved may be very familiar there are a host of questions raised for those considering using biosimilar versions of the existing products. This document seeks to provide some clarity of many of the common issues raised for anyone new to this area.

   Bulletin 111 Biosimilars - An introduction

Preparing for Biosimilars Webinar (Primary Care)

First this webinar aimed to explain what biological and biosimilar medicines are and how they are manufactured. Then it sought to describe the opportunities that they will create for more cost-effective prescribing and how best to make the most of these new medicines

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Preparing for Biosimilars Webinar (Secondary Care)

Prescribing of biological medicines, and therefore biosimilars, will often be initiated within secondary care. Therefore it is vital that these prescribers also understand the key issues as well as the potential for effective use of resources that these medicines offer.

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Biosimilars Event 2015

On the 8th May PrescQIPP hosted an all-day event centred on the biosimilar of infliximab. The aim was to bring clinicians, nurses and pharmacists together to discuss the key issues relating to the implementation and uptake of the biosimilar in clinical practice. Initial presentations focussed on the science of biologics and biosimilars for those unfamiliar with the technical aspects underpinning these drugs and how they are regulated. Following on from this were two sessions that aimed to explain the commissioners viewpoint and the key issues from the patients’ perspective. Some of the latest data relating to real-world usage in gastroenterology patients was discussed after lunch. Next PrescQIPP’s secondary care lead, James Kent, attempted to demystify some of the more contentious issues relating to biosimilars. Lastly there were two presentations from clinicians based in rheumatology and gastroenterology. Both of these talks highlighted the key issues within these two specialities and possible approaches to encourage usage going forward. In particular the talk by Dr Fraser Cummings, from Southampton, illustrated what is possible when commissioners and providers work together to maximise outcomes for patients and the local health economy. All NHS employees registered on the site can now access the presentations below.

   2015 Biosimilars Event

Biosimilar Infliximab (Remsima, Inflectra)

B111 – Infliximab Summary for Commissioners

Biosimilar infliximab is the most significant biosimilar to become available within the NHS for many years. Primary care commissioners / Pharmacy Leads need to be able to understand the particular issues that relate to the biosimilar version of infliximab as well as the key issues affecting uptake.

   Bulletin 111 Biosimilars - Infliximab summary for commissioners

B111 – Infliximab Summary for Prescribers

The prescribers of infliximab (gastroenterologists, rheumatologist and dermatologists) will not be familiar with biosimilar medicines. This document discusses the main areas of concern for prescribers such as the EMA licensing process, indication extrapolation as well as which patients should be considered for the biosimilar.

   Bulletin 111 Biosimilars - Infliximab summary for prescribers

Infliximab Switch - Patient Letter

One of the difficult areas for prescribers will be explaining biosimilars to their patients. This area is unavoidably complex and levels of patient understanding will vary widely. This letter is completely adaptable to local needs but seeks to get many of the key issues across as succinctly as possible.

   Attachment 1 - Infliximab switch patient letter

Biosimilar Insulin Glargine (Abasaglar)

Biosimilars - An Update - Webinar

In this webinar from the 13th November 2015, PrescQIPP's Secondary Care Lead, James Kent provided an update on Biosimilars with a specific focus on Insulin Gargine.

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Biosimilar Etanercept

B154 - Biosimilars Etanercept – Bulletin

This resource discusses the key issues for healthcare professionals considering a switch to biosimilar etanercept and also provides patient resources to support change.

  Bulletin 154 Biosimilars - Etanercept

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