The PrescQIPP 2020 Annual Awards

Submission deadline: Entries for the 2020 awards are now closed

The PrescQIPP Annual Awards 2020

It’s time to start thinking about your entry for the prestigious PrescQIPP annual awards 2020. We had a record number of entries in 2019 and we need your input to top that again this year.

Last year’s award winners’ reactions:

"Pleased?! I’m ecstatic!!! And I know the team are completely over the moon."

"All the doctors are feeling very pleased (it’s a piece of good news in the everyday worry that has cheered them up no end)."

Why you should enter the awards

  • Recognition and profile for your team among hundreds of peers across the UK
  • Chance to adorn your desk and win admiration of colleagues with a prestigious PrescQIPP award
  • Useful opportunity to review and define the impact of your work
  • Presenting with impact coaching session for winners with Jamie Hayes our annual event chairman
  • And most importantly, a great opportunity to highlight and share good practice for the benefit of patients

You’re all winners to us but you have to be in it to win it, so now is the time to check out the categories, get together with your team and share all the great work you're doing.

How do I enter?

To enter the awards:

  • Download the entry form here.
  • Once the form is complete return to this page to submit your entry (see below), along with any supplementary files
  • Deadline for entries is Monday 27 July 2020

You don't need to be a PrescQIPP subscriber to enter the awards, as they're open to all NHS commissioning teams.

To enhance your winning chances, take a look at the judging criteria before you submit your entry. Provide us with as much information as possible to help improve your chances.

Please refer to the FAQ below for more information.

We look forward to receiving your entries.

Good luck!

PrescQIPP Annual Awards 2020 categories and criteria

We have the same five categories again this year given their success last year. Please choose the category that you think is a best fit with your project. We will triage entries and suggest a change in category if we think it is better suited to another category.

Developing or working across ICS/STPs: This category reflects the changing organisational landscape where ICS/STPs/HB are working more collaboratively for the benefits of patients and to maximise efficiencies. Whether you’re new to ICS/STP/HB working or more established we want to see your medicines optimisation work across your ICS/STP/HB. Projects will range from simple, quick or small changes to more complex projects that have made massive prescribing efficiencies in the local system. We are also looking for projects that have resulted in better, more integrated care for the patient, focused on prevention before prescribing, have a better use of skill mix, levers and incentives, redesigning pathways, off FP10 prescribing or more cost-and-care effective settings.

Utilising data and new technology: This award is about sharing how data or new technology have been used to enhance medicines optimisation in the broadest sense. This could include but is not limited to use of data, apps or web-solutions, widgets or technological gadgets, solutions to support your digital provision, health informatics or visualisation systems, or in-house technical solutions. Also, included is trialling new technological solutions, or using existing ones to get enhanced outcomes for patients.

Patient safety: Broad, yet dedicated category for projects that specifically focus and deliver outcomes around the critical area of patient safety. This may include work on how you’re tackling antimicrobial resistance, adhering to patient safety alerts, reducing medication errors, safe transfers of care, Medication Safety Officer role, actions around the medication safety dashboard or whatever exciting safety project that has been going on locally.

Care home medicines optimisation: This award category covers all things care home related from addressing the medicine optimisation needs of individual patients to improving training of care home staff on medicine optimisation issues.

Addressing problematic polypharmacy: To include approaches to tackling and reducing problematic polypharmacy and deprescribing. Simple or complex approaches could have been used to improve medicines optimisation in this group of patients. We are keen to see projects that have routinely utilised clinical and financial monitoring and present their outcomes.

Plus overall GOLD and SILVER award winners: Democratically voted first and second by attendees on the day of the PrescQIPP annual event from all the award winners.

Submit your entry

Entries for the 2020 awards are now closed.


Outline timing of events

The award presentations with be virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The following timelines are given for the award announcements, entry deadlines, shortlisting deadlines, judging and presentation coaching:

  • Deadline for award entries: Monday 27th July 2020
  • Shortlisting entries notified beginning of September 2020
  • Coaching on presentation style webinar with Jamie Hayes Monday 14th September 2020 or Wednesday 16th September 10-12pm tbc (please hold both dates)
  • Award presentations webinar 8th October 2020 2-4pm

What can I include in the submission?

You can provide as much information as you would like. Your submission will be the key document that the judging panel will be using to judge the award categories. However, since this is about sharing work, and we'll be profiling the submissions in the PrescQIPP website Innovation and best practice Hub, we'd recommend that you include any relevant documents, such as business cases, Return on Investment workings, job descriptions, leaflets, posters, etc.

When will I find out if we’ve been shortlisted?

We will let shortlisted projects know in September 2020. We will inform you either way if you have or have not been shortlisted.

When will I found out if I'm a winner?

We will let award winning projects know early September 2020, so that you can prepare your presentation for the PrescQIPP awards presentations on 8th October 2020 2-4pm. We will ask you to keep this confidential on a need to know basis only until after the award announcements at the PrescQIPP annual event on Tuesday 13th October 2020.

What will you do with the submissions?

Since the PrescQIPP annual awards are largely a means for us to facilitate and encourage sharing best practice across the community, we will upload your project to the PrescQIPP website Innovation and best practice hub so other teams can get great ideas

I'm not a subscriber - can I submit?

Yes. We encourage entries from NHS commissioning teams whether or not your are a PrescQIPP subscriber. Our aim is to facilitate sharing of best practice.

I'm not from the NHS can I submit?

If you're a private sector company, then no, sorry. However, we're happy to receive submissions from GPs, community services and CSUs - we know there are many different shades of grey, but effectively if you commission or are commissioned to provide NHS patient care, and your project is not a service you're looking to sell or promote (again excluding CSUs), then you're good to submit.

I’m still not sure whether I meet your submission requirements

If you’re still not sure whether you meet the submission requirements, please email outlining who the organisation is, the type of organisation you are, the type of NHS services you commission or provide and which award you are interested in entering your project for.

What will the expectations be if I win?

In conversations with our previous winners we know that they are delighted at receiving a PrescQIPP award. Our awards have been described as “prestigious” by other organisations.

Presentation at the Awards presentations 2020

If you win, you'll be invited to give an 8-minute presentation on the highlights of your project at the PrescQIPP awards webinar on Thursday 8th October 2020 2-4pm.

It's a great opportunity to tell your peers what you delivered, and to receive some recognition for all the hard work you’ve put into your project. Unfortunately, if you can’t give the presentation, then you’re unlikely to win the gold or silver awards which are voted by your peers.

You’ll be offered a longer PrescQIPP webinar to provide more details about your project early in 2021.

Winning teams will receive a framed certificate and our infamous PrescQIPP trophy to adorn the office.

Finally, you will be in with a chance to win one of our overall GOLD or SILVER awards which are democratically voted upon by your peers after all the award presentations have been made.

Coaching on presentation style

To help you prepare for this and show off your project, our Annual Event Chair, Jamie Hayes, will be providing a webinar on coaching on presenting with impact (Monday 14th or 21st September 2020). Please hold these dates and we will confirm soon.

Some of last year’s winners told us that this coaching had completely changed their thinking on presentations. The coaching gave confidence to one of our first time ever presenters to present at the annual event.

What are the PrescQIPP annual award webinars 2021?

We always offer the winners of our awards the chance to do a webinar on their project which are always very popular, and a great opportunity to get feedback, questions and ideas from the rest of the community. It also gives you more airtime to explain further details of your project that you won’t be able to give at the PrescQIPP Annual Event. In the submission form you'll be asked whether you'd like to do a webinar - because even if you don't win - it's a great opportunity to share.

Some examples of award winning webinars are available on the PrescQIPP website under Innovation webinars.