Continence and Stoma Webkit

This page will bring together all the PrescQIPP continence and stoma resources as well as showcase good practice examples of projects focusing continence and stoma. Each set of resources contains tools that can be adapted for local use before implementation.

Continence and Stoma: an introduction

Continence and stoma is an area of care that affects a large number of service users, and also provides a significant cost pressure to the National Health Service due to high levels of inappropriate prescribing and waste, with often patchy monitoring and review processes. Ensuring that patients are prescribed appropriate appliances and accessories can greatly improve their quality of life. Increasing accessibility to expert clinical support and advice reduces dangerous and costly complications, for example catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) and pressure ulcers. Hospital admissions can be reduced as can care home admissions precipitated by incontinence or stoma issues.

This webkit supersedes the previously published PrescQIPP continence and stoma toolkit. We intend to build up the resources with lots of shared good practice of what members are doing locally in their areas. If you would like to submit a resource to be shared on this webkit- please see the Innovation hub on how to do this.

Continence and Stoma Webinar

The old toolkit was launched via a webinar that featured Stuart Lakin (Head of Medicines Management, Rotherham CCG) and Joanne Mangnall (Continence Advisor/Clinical Lead Continence Service, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust), who shared their excellent work in re-designing the continence service in Rotherham.

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Effective Commissioning of Continence Care Webinar

In September 2013, we did a webinar about commissioning of a continence service and was given by Liz Bonner, the lead nurse of the Bladder and Bowel Service at Whittington. She presented on the challenges commissioners face in trying to provide an effective continence service as well as some advice on how they can be tackled. In particular, she discussed the very useful guide, ‘Cost-effective Commissioning for Continence Care’, which can be downloaded from the following link: 

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B105: Stoma

The stoma bulletin provides advice on appropriate stoma prescribing. Support resources include guidance on appropriate quantities to prescribe, template patients letters and a letter to DAC.

 Stoma (resource folder)

Searches and Audits for Stoma

Searches are available for EMIS Web and Vision, the searches support the audits attached to the bulletin and can be found below.

Attachment 8 - EMIS Searches

Attachment 7 - Stoma audit and data collection

Attachment 9 - Vision Searches

Attachment 10 - SystmOne Searches

Service Redesign Board Report - Rotherham CCG

Stuart Lakin, Head of Medicines Management in NHS Rotherham, has kindly shared the board paper he produced for the re-design of the stoma service in Rotherham.

   Stoma service re-design Board Report - Rotherham CCG

Please acknowledge Rotherham CCG in any use of the paper.



B106: Continence

The continence bulletin and support materials advises on appropriate prescribing for continence and includes supporting resources to help review prescribing.


Continence and Stoma Virtual Professional Group


Chaired by Saj Khatri, this group is a chance for subscribers to connect with colleagues and discuss experiences, challenges and strategies.

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