Feedback around data or data enquiries

Our most commonly asked questions are shown below. If your query does not relate to one of these, then please complete the form below (providing as much information as possible).

Support - Data

Can you let me know what is included in a specific data indicator?

A full list of our tag listings is available to download.

Can you let me know when a specific report will be updated with the latest months data?

We utilise the NHSBSA full National Data download which may be released after ePACT2 data is available. We cannot process the latest months data until we have this. For timescales please see the data horizon scan.

How can I download a full image for data?

When you select download, PDF, it defaults to include = This View. Drop down the selections and change to specific sheets in this dashboard.

How do I download data from a report?

To activate 'data', first click anywhere within the table to highlight the data then clicked away. Select 'download' and data options will now be available.

I’m trying to find a data report but am unable to locate it on the website, where can I find it?

Try using our 'find it fast' search function. If you're still unable to find what you need please contact us.

What are the suggested proportions for the over the counter medicines data and how were they derived?

We allocated a proportion which we felt would be appropriate levels for self care for each of the categories listed, for some categories such as pain, the proportion allocated was lower as we felt that there would be a significant proportion of prescribing that could fall under the exceptions such as long term conditions. For other areas such as infant colic, we allocated 100% of the prescribing to suitable for self care, as these remedies have limited evidence base and shouldn’t really be prescribed.