Purchasing, accessing and using e-learning

Our most commonly asked questions are shown below. If your query does not relate to one of these, then please complete the form below (providing as much information as possible).

Support - Elearning

Can I access an e-learning course using a promo code?

Each course can be accessed using a promo code, these can be used by up to five members of each CCG medicines management team. If you’re part of the medicines management team please contact your subscriber lead for the code.

How can I access an e-learning course?

Please follow the steps below to access a course:

  1. If you do not already have an account, register on the PrescQIPP e-learning platform, www.prescqipp.info/learn (Please select the correct commissioning organisation when registering as this will ensure you’re provided with the correct access and don’t have to pay for the course.)
  2. Log into the PrescQIPP e-learning platform.
  3. Find the course and select ‘Access course’

How can I see who’s enrolled on, or completed an e-learning course in my area?

If you're a organisation lead, you can access e-learning reports, where you can view details of course enrolments and completions for your organisation.

Simply log into our e-learning platform (www.prescqipp.info/learn) and choose the 'Organisation completion' link on the right-hand side. If this link isn't available, please contact us so we can assign you the correct permissions.

How do I purchase an e-learning course for our organisation and how much is it?

Access to the courses can be purchased for all members of your medicines management team and GP practices or care homes staff in your commissioning area for a one-off fee of £375 (+VAT) per course, or £1,000 (+VAT) for any three.

Please contact us if you’d like to purchase any courses.

I’m being asked to pay for an e-learning course, how can I access it for free?

Firstly, please contact your CCG medicines management team to check if they’ve purchased the course for your area.

If they have, please contact us as we may need to change your access levels.

Alternatively, individual users can purchase at the PrescQIPP website for £14.99 (+VAT). https://www.prescqipp.info/learning/pay-per-use/

I've completed a course, where can I download my certificate?

Once you have completed the final assessment you can download your certificate at the bottom of the course homepage under the 'final assessment and feedback section' by clicking on certificates, then download.

If you're still having issues downloading your certificate please contact us.