“Gold” award winner - ACB Triage and Review for Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes and Beyond.. - East Lancashire CCG and Hospital Trust

On 6th January, 1-2pm, we welcome Anne Bentley and Jane Shanahan to present on their Gold award winning project.

East Lancashire Specialist Medicines Optimisation in Care Home Team (SMOCH) led an initiative to triage all frail older people for Anticholinergic Burden (ACB) and review medicines if the patient had an ACB score of 3+.

The project aimed to improve patients’ life quality and reduce fall risk by providing patient centred holistic medication reviews involving patients, carers and family. The project started in the Care Homes and was rolled out to hospital wards and PCN Structured Medication Reviews (SMRs).

Within this webinar, they will give more details of the project, including:

  • A brief update on the Evidence around Anticholinergic Burden in Frailty
  • Which ACB calculator do we use? Debate does it matter?
  • How do we measure success?
  • Why is this a good project for you to do locally?
  • Who do you need to engage to make this happen?
  • How does it help the wider De-prescribing Agenda?

Come and join them to make that positive difference for our frail older people in 2022.

The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.

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