NHSBSA 'One Drug Database' and PrescQIPP data reports

NHSBSA has announced that the ‘One Drug Database’ will be ready for November’s data release in mid-January 2020.

What does this mean?

The naming of drugs and appliances where the pack size is currently showing as part of the name will change to be in line with the Drug Tariff. This will include the lengthening of the name to be 60 characters for drugs (currently 40) and 100 for appliances (currently 60).

At the moment, these drugs and appliances all have their own unique BNF presentation code, but under the new one drug database, there will be one code for all.

The example below is extracted from a small sample of the new data provided by the NHSBSA which you can find at https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/important-information-drug-data (available on the page under the ADQ/DDD calculations heading):

There will also be a review of ADQ / DDD calculations, which will cause some changes to the usage figures for drugs and products, such as inhalers.

How will this affect PrescQIPP data and reports?

This is a big change so we will need to rerun all historical data, repopulate our databases and all our current reports. We will also need to check, update and republish our tag listings. Scorecard data will also have to be recalculated as quantities and ADQ values will change.

We're very grateful for your patience while we do this. While we cannot foresee all problems that may arise, we will do our upmost to keep data flowing and the disruption to you minimal.

Incentive schemes

In light of these changes we will need to rebaseline and reset the targets which we understand that many of you use in incentive schemes. As we only have a small sample data set, we are not yet sure how these figures will change but we would suggest that you review any schemes that include targets.

If you have any queries or concerns about the above, please do email help@prescqipp.info