Subscriber leads - Ensuring we have accurate information for users within your organisation

During the last several months we’ve undertaken a data cleansing project, with the aim of ensuring the right website users are aligned to the correct organisations, with the right levels of access. A few months ago, we asked every website user to complete an updated website profile and now we need the help of subscriber leads to verify the data we collected.

We’re sending each lead a secure link where they can view the details held for users within their organisation. For each user we’re asking that:

  • The ‘I’m Employed By’ field is checked (and updated if necessary)
  • The ‘My Role Is’ field is checked (and updated if necessary)
  • An appropriate response is selected (underneath 'Your Response')

An example is shown below:

Data cleanse grid example

When does this need to be completed by?
We’re asking that all organisations respond by 30th September 2019.

I have a lot of users; can I share this link with others who can help?
Whilst most organisations have a relatively small number of users, we do recognise that a small proportion have significantly more users and this will involve more work from leads. The system will allow you to respond, ‘bit by bit’ and won’t force you to respond for all users in one go.

You may also share your link with others, but we ask that these links are only shared with trusted first-parties and not posted anywhere that’s publicly accessible. By sharing the link, you are assuming responsibility for keeping the data secure and confidential.

Why are you doing this?
In order to best support our subscribers, we need to have an accurate picture of our user base. In addition, we need to ensure that users have the correct access levels and thus have access to everything they are entitled to. On the flipside, we also want to make sure that only subscribers access our subscriber-only resources.

What happens if I choose ‘This person no-longer works here’ or ‘I don’t know this person’?
If the user in question has a recognised NHS or CCG email address, we’ll simply downgrade their access to a non-subscriber level.

I have other questions
Feel free to contact and we’ll answer any questions you may have.