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Implementing QIPP projects in diabetes SWOT analysis

The Implementing the diabetes QIPP project planning tool will support medicines management teams in identifying key projects and stakeholders and support teams through the process of implementing the diabetes projects. A swot analysis is included as well as other project planning tools which are all adaptable to meet local need.

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Optimising medicines for adults with type-2 diabetes e-learning course

The e-learning course has been commissioned by the Eastern Academic Health Science Network and developed by PrescQIPP. The package is designed to support clinicians to implement NICE guidance on managing Type 2 diabetes in adults, with a particular focus on optimising the use of medicines to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

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Diabetes snapshot reports and visual analytics

As part of the new PrescQIPP Visual Analytics platform, integrated into this website, we're delighted to launch the new diabetes visual snapshot.

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Oral hypoglycaemics and other antidiabetic agents

B157: Management of type-2 diabetes

The management of type 2 diabetes bulletin and briefing discuss the evidence base for the currently available antidiabetic drugs and their place in therapy for type 2 diabetes in line with NICE guidance.

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IA 2013 - Is the use of newer diabetic medicines in primary care in line with NICE guidance

Diabetes prescribing is increasingly complex but national guidance is available. 1,2,3 Newer hypoglycaemic drugs may have a role in some individuals, but these are all usually third-line options.

B212: Diabetes testing strips

This updated bulletin and accompanying documents focus on appropriate prescribing of testing strips for people with diabetes and also improving prescribing efficiencies in this area.

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IA 2013 - Blood glucose meter switch program

The objective of this project is to implement a switch to our local formulary choice of blood glucose meters with the aim of reducing the prescribing expenditure on blood glucose test strips.

B104: Lancets

This short bulletin advises on cost effective choices of lancets and highlights those costing less than £3 per 100 lancets. It also advises on the appropriate use of safety lancets.

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