Number of Categories: 6
Misc_events_SQ.png Engagement Files: 33
Containing presentations and flyers for events and webinars.
Misc_project_SQ.png NHS E - Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Files: 22

Resources to support the information on the AMS hub, that we host for NHS E and NHS I

Info_bulletin_SQ.png Our Publications (Bulletins and Toolkits) Files: 284

Our publications, that have been through our QA Process. These often include Bulletins, Briefings, Toolkits etc.

Ind_Rebates_SQ.png Primary Care Rebate Governance Files: 4
PrescQIPP is the countries largest provider of Primary Care Rebate Governance. This category holds documents relating to this.
Misc_public_SQ.png Public Documents Files: 18

Documents relating to PrescQIPP or our partners that are available for all to download, such as our work plan, annual report, QA process, terms of reference

Inv_checklist_SQ.png Sharepoint - Operational Resource Repository Files: 0

The no-fuss repository for medicines teams can find and share strategic documents.