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  • You will need to log in to the site first in order to access any of our e-learning courses. This is so that the system can record your progress and enable you to log back in and pick up where you last left off, and also to generate your certificate upon successful completion of the course. If you do not already have a log in for the PrescQIPP site, please register here
  • All members of medicines management teams subscribed to PrescQIPP can access courses free of charge. If you are from a subscriber medicines management team and are asked to pay for the course when enrolling, please contact your subscriber lead for the promotional code that will provide a full discount.
  • If you are a member of practice or care home staff, the cost of the course will depend on whether your commissioning area is a subscriber and whether they have purchased access. If access has not been paid for by your CCG, CSU or Health Board, you can buy individual access to the course directly using PayPal.
  • If you are a PrescQIPP subscriber and would like to purchase unlimited access to an e-learning course for an unlimited number of healthcare professionals in your area, please contact help@prescqipp.info 
  • Use the 'My e-learning courses' dashboard to the right to continue any courses from where you last left off, view your quiz and final assesssment results and access your certiticates. 

Available e-learning courses

To access any of the courses, please first log in to the site and click on the course category links to the right or below. If you do not have log in details, you can register here.

PrescQIPP e-learning courses

All PrescQIPP courses are CPD certified and have been developed in line with our eQA process to ensure they meet the same high standard as our other quality assured materials.

Type 2 diabetes logoOptimising medicines for adults with type 2 diabetes

Anticholinergic burden logoAnticholinergic burden

Polypharmacy logoPolypharmacy and deprescribing

PD concise avatarConcise polypharmacy and deprescribing

Practice medicines coordinators logoPractice medicines co-ordinators

Care homes 1 logo Medicines use in care homes: Course 1

Care homes 2 logo Medicines use in care homes: Course 2

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Courses by PrescQIPP subscribers

Courses made by subscribers have been developed by members of the PrescQIPP community and any content is entirely their responsibility.

Scales iconSandwell and West Birmingham CCG: Managing adult malnutrition in the community

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Build your own e-learning course

Our e-learning platform is a cost-effective way for members of the PrescQIPP community to develop, host and share e-learning courses. We have developed a flexible package that will enable you to get the amount of support that you need, depending on the skills and capabilities that you have in house. For more information, please download our guide to using the PrescQIPP e-learning platform below or contact help@prescqipp.info.

Briefing iconBuild your own e-learning course on the PrescQIPP platform