The PrescQIPP Annual Event and Innovation Awards 2017

Now entering its fifth year, the PrescQIPP Annual Event and Innovation Awards has become a highlight in the comissioning calendar, providing a fantastic opportunity get together, have fun and celebrate the very best of our community.

PrescQIPP Innovation Awards 2017

The PrescQIPP Annual Event

With tailored presentations, interactive sessions and a minimum of 2 free places for each PrescQIPP subscribed commissioning organisation, the Annual Event offers focused content and fantastic networking opportunities for medicines teams.

The event will take place in Leicester on Tuesday 17th October 2017. As always, subscribers will be provided with a minimum of two places each. 

We'll be sharing further details here very soon and meanwhile, you can visit our 2016 Virtual Annual Event for a flavour of what to expect. 

To sign up for the event and get more information please ensure you're logged in and click the link below:

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The PrescQIPP Innovation Awards

Submission deadline: Friday 8 September 2017


Why you should enter the awards

  • Recognition and profile for your team among hundreds of peers across the UK 
  • Chance to adorn your desk and win admiration of colleagues with a much coveted PrescQIPP award
  • Useful chance to review and define the impact of your work
  • And most importantly, a great opportunity to highlight and share good practice for the benefit of patients


But don't take it from us, take it from last year's Gold award winners:

"Winning the PrescQIPP Gold Innovation Award in 2016 was exciting and a morale boost for our team. We felt especially proud that it was as a result of the votes from our medicines management colleagues. It raised the profile of the work we do and helped us to share what we have done across a wide audience. Winning the award and talking to other people about it has also facilitated our learning about other ways of working, which may lead us to think about how we can further develop our service."

Cheryl Gresham, Senior Pharmacist, Nottingham City CCG

Nottinghamshire Appliance Management Service - 2016 Clever Commissioning Award and people's choice Gold Award winner


You’re all winners to us but you have to be in it to win it, so now is the time to check out the categories, get together with your team and tell us all about the great work you're doing.

Remember - whether or not you win on the day, you'll still be contributing to a national movement to share and learn from each other, build networks and work together to deliver real change in care for patients.


The categories and criteria

bulbAddressing Problematic Polypharmacy award

The popular and topical Polypharmacy and Deprescribing award is back for another year, once again looking to include all optimised approaches to tackling and reducing problematic polypharmacy. In particular, we’ll be keen to see projects that have sought to take a wider approach across multiple medicines, and that have demonstrated a patient centric approach. Kudos will also be granted to those projects where outcomes have been successfully monitored and captured.

bulbAdherence and Waste award

Year-on-year our most popular category. We’re looking for projects that seek to reduce inappropriate medicines waste, and also to improve adherence and correct use of medicines. Helping patients to take their medicines at the right time, and in the right way, is one of the great challenges that our community faces in terms of improvement.

bulbBest Interface (and integrated care) award

In terms of both the quality and cost of delivering care, arguably the biggest challenge and goal for the NHS is moving from fragmented or split systems of working to one of integrated care, and across different care settings (including social care). With much work going on across the UK to trial locally appropriate systems through the vanguard, there is all kinds of innovation going on.

In our corner of the NHS (medicines), we know that many of you have been involved in interesting projects to improve the integration of care, in different ways, and with all kinds of partners. We’re looking for projects that demonstrate collaborative working between different organisations or multiprofessional groups - such as commissioners, acute trusts, community pharmacy, nurses and / or non-medical prescribers, community hospitals, social care, industry and beyond. We’re looking for true collaboration to achieve a shared goal.

bulbPatient Safety award

Once again we have a broad, yet dedicated category for projects that specifically focus and deliver outcomes around the critical area of patient safety. This may include work around the QP safety targets such as AMS/AMR, adhering to patient safety alerts, reducing medication errors, safe transfers of care, or whatever exciting safety project you have going on locally.

bulbService Redesign award

In the modern NHS there is an increasing focus on rethinking how traditional services work, with a strong national emphasis on transformative new models of care and care commissioning. In this category we’re looking for projects that have sought to redesign services with a view to improve the quality, safety or cost of prescribing or have care and treatment delivered by a more appropriate healthcare professional (including nurses, dietitian, community pharmacists etc.).

This category may include projects that have better, more integrated care of the patient, focused on prevention before prescribing, have a better use of skill mix, levers and incentives, redesigning pathways, off FP10 prescribing or more cost-and-care effective settings.

bulbUtilising and driving technology

Technology is one of the greatest drivers of change globally, and in every sector, with health identified as one of the biggest markets for new innovations. We’re looking for examples of technological leadership within the world of medicines driven by commissioners. This may include use of apps or web-solutions, widgets and gadgets, solutions to support your digital provision, health informatics or visualisation systems, or in-house technical solutions you’ve developed yourselves. Also, we’d be keen to receive submissions where commissioners led the way in trialling new technological solutions, or using existing ones to get unique outcomes.

bulbPlus one overall GOLD award

Democratically voted for by attendees on the day of the awards ceremony from all the winners.


How to enter

You don't need to be a PrescQIPP subscriber to enter the awards, as they're open to all NHS commissioning teams. 

Just complete the submission form, and send it with any additional supporting documents to before Friday 8 September.

Lightbulb iconInnovation Awards 2017 - Submission Form (Online)


Frequently asked questions

bulb What can I include in the submission?

The simple answer is lots - since the panel will have a lot of submissions to go through your submission will be the key document, however since this is about sharing, and we'll be profiling the submissions in the Innovation Hub, we'd recommend that you include any relevant documents... e.g. nothing illustrates the value of your swanky poster better than the poster itself!

bulb When will I find out if I'm the winner?

We will let shortlisted projects know in early October, so you can plan to come to the event to pick up your award.

bulb What will you do with the submissions?

Since the innovation awards are largely an underhand tactic for us to profile and disseminate best practice across the community, we will definitely be looking to upload your project to the Innovation Hub so other teams can get great ideas. 

bulb I'm not a subscriber - can I submit?

Yes. Sharing is caring - and we would hate to get in the way of either.

bulb I'm not from the NHS can I submit?

If you're a private sector company then no sorry. However, we're happy to receive submissions from GPs, community services and CSUs - we know there are many different shades of grey, but effectively if you commission or are commissioned to provide patient care, and your project is not a service you're looking to sell or promote (again excluding CSUs), then you're good to submit.

bulb What will the expectations be if I win?

In conversations with our previous winners we know that their lives have changed dramatically, and that the fame from such a prestigous award can be hard to bear. And whilst we can't promise you your name in lights in Vegas, we do try to offer platforms for our newly found prescribe-lebrities to disseminate and share their work.

At the Annual Event 2017

If you win, you'll be invited to do a 10 minute presentation at our Annual Event on Tuesday 17th October, after being presented your shiny new award. We won't force you but it's a great opportunity to tell your peers what you delivered, and to receive a nice big round of applause at the end. If you're a subscriber, hopefully you'll already have the date held in your diary - if not then it's worth pencilling it in just in case. Finally if you can’t present then you’re unlikely to win the gold award, so definitely worth coming along and joining.

Our Innovation Webinars

We always offer the winners of our awards the chance to do a webinar on their project which are always very popular, and a great opportunity to get feedback, questions and ideas from the rest of the community. In the submission form you'll be asked whether you'd like to do a webinar - because even if you don't win - it's a great opportunity to share.

Here are some examples of Innovation winning webinars:

Innovation award winner webinar: Optimising medicines for COPD and asthma - Lambeth CCG - June 2017 - Finlay Royle

Innovation award winner webinar: Medicines management facilitator scheme - Leeds South and East CCG - June 2017 - Kim Mooring