Voluntary sector organisations

Why we want to work with voluntary sector organisations

The voluntary sector plays a critical role in health and social care. From providing patients and carers with information, advice and a huge array of support services, to conducting valuable research and advocating on behalf of patients and their families.

Across the sector, there is a huge wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that can help to increase the quality of prescribing in the UK and improve the lives of patients.

How we want to work with voluntary sector organisations

We want to work together to:

  • Get feedback on our draft resources, through our stakeholder consultation process
  • Collect research and evidence about patient experiences of medicines, especially those that feature in our work plan
  • Highlight innovative partnerships between Clinical Commissioning Groups and voluntary sector organisations

What you can do

We would love to hear from you if you represent a national voluntary sector organisation that supports patients.

Please use the forms below to get in touch, register your interest for stakeholder consultation and sign up for our newsletter. 

We would also love to know about any additional sources of medicines support for patients that we should add to our list, and research into patient experiences of medicines.

Register your interest for stakeholder consultation

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