PrescQIPP in brief

We are an NHS funded not-for-profit organisation that supports quality, optimised prescribing for patients. We produce evidence-based resources and tools for primary care commissioners, and provide a platform to share innovation across the NHS. Most of our materials are publicly available, however we also provide a range of data and intelligence toolswebinars and events for our subscribers. We also aim to engage with a broad range of stakeholders including patients and carer groups, the pharmaceutical industry and voluntary sector organisations.

You can read more about us and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Latest news stories

Bulletin 196 Launched - Travel Vaccines (DROP-List)

The travel vaccines bulletin identifies those vaccines that should not be prescribed on the NHS for travel as well as offering advice on developing a local policy on travel vaccines. A patient information leaflet is available via the low value medicines webkit here.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Travel Vaccines (DROP-List)

Writing Winning Tenders Webinar sessions - 12th, 17th & 24th Sept, 1 - 2pm

1 of 3 -  The tendering process - 12th September

In the first of our tender writing webinars, David Bailey will introduce the process of tendering, looking at every step in the process, with specific examples of tenders from the medicines team context. 

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2 of 3 -  Creating the service model - 17th September

In the second of our tender writing webinars, David Bailey will work through how to create a model of your proposed service to clarify and simplify the offer you are making, with specific examples from the medicines team context. 

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3 of 3 -  Writing tenders with style and impact  - 24th September

In the third of our tender writing webinars, David Bailey will show how to write tenders with style and impact using the five key elements of good writing, with specific examples from the medicines team context.

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National opportunities - MOOG representation

The Medicines Optimisation Oversight Group (MOOG) is responsible for the governance, oversight of RMOC processes ensuring mutual recognition between RMOCs, consistency in operation and delivery of key objectives and for ratifying the rolling programme of work for each RMOC. The MOOG meets on a quarterly basis in central London.The MOOG is co-chaired by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for NHS England and Julie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners and reports its strategic plans to the NHS England Executive. Membership of the MOOG comprises commissioner and provider representatives, representatives from each RMOC, NHS England, NICE and the Specialist Pharmacy Service, along with patient representation. Observers from the trade bodies representing the branded and generics pharmaceutical industry are in attendance.

The MOOG is currently looking for two CCG representatives who are not currently members of the RMOCs. If you are interested in acting in this role, please email by 5pm on Friday 7 August.

Our 2018 Annual Report is now available

Our 2018 Annual Report and prospectus for this financial year is now available. The report contains the results of our annual subscriber satisfaction survey, details of all the exciting projects that we'll be focusing in the coming months and more.

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Bulletin 170 Launched - Heart failure

These resources will support medicines optimisation projects in heart failure including appropriate treatment choices, dose titration and appropriate coding on clinical systems.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Heart failure

Innovation award winner - Reducing Avoidable Medication Waste in Care Homes across Mid-Notts CCGs – Mansfield and Ashfield CCG - 4th Sept, 1pm - 2pm

On the 4th September 1-2pm, we will be welcoming Sue Bulmer, from Mansfield and Ashfield CCG and Newark and Sherwood CCG to further capture and share their Innovation Award in October 2017 for Reducing Avoidable Medication Waste in Care Homes across Mid-Notts CCGs. Sue will present and share how the initial project came about through working with med reviews in care homes and providing detail of the pilot project which was developed and then rolled out across the Mid-Notts area. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

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Horizon scan

The table below is a live list of all of the items currently in development or planned for 2018/19. You can also download this year’s work plan as a PDF.

 Survey_C.pngPrescQIPP Work Plan 2018/19

Please note the work plan is subject to change due to subscriber input so the horizon scan is the most current source of information.

If you would like to register your interest to take part in the stakeholder consultation on any of the items listed and still available please email