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We are an NHS funded not-for-profit organisation that supports quality, optimised prescribing for patients. We produce evidence-based resources and tools for primary care commissioners, and provide a platform to share innovation across the NHS. Most of our materials are publicly available, however we also provide a range of data and intelligence toolswebinars and events for our subscribers. We also aim to engage with a broad range of stakeholders including patients and carer groups, the pharmaceutical industry and voluntary sector organisations.

You can read more about us and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Latest news stories

E-learning with PrescQIPP webinar - 20th February, 1pm - 2pm

On the 20th February at 1pm, Head of Education Sue Smith and Kate Walmsley from the PrescQIPP team will talk through the e-learning offering for subscribers including the three new e-learning courses Polypharmacy and deprescribing, Practice medicines coordinators and Care homes. The session will outline the content for the courses and address practical considerations around access, and monitoring and reporting and finish with a Q&A session.  

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Bulletin 149 Launched - Management of non-neuropathic pain in primary care

This bulletin and associated resources support medicines optimisation in non neuropathic (non cancer) pain.  It looks at the place in therapy of different pain treatments and also helps identify where treatment will need reviewing. Supporting resources include an audit, treatment pathway and patient information and contracts for controlled drug/opiate use. Resources can be adapted for local use.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png   Non-neuropathic pain

Bulletin 162 Launched - Polypharmacy - Agreeing treatment goals and discontinuation criteria

This bulletin, briefing and supporting resources support prescribers in being able to agree the goals of a treatment and discuss the discontinuation criteria with patients before they initiate a treatment. Tools are available to support the discussion with patients as well as identify the factors that should be considered before prescribing.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png   Polypharmacy - Agreeing treatment goals and discontinuation criteria

Bulletin 159 - SPOT-List now available to all PrescQIPP users

SPOT-List is now available to all PrescQIPP users.

The Specials Prescribing Optimisation Tool (SPOT) is based on the national specials prescribing data. This list includes specials that appear regularly in the top ten specials prescribed list, those where there has been a significant growth in prescribing and those that may not appear very often but when they do pose significant cost pressure due to their expense.

The SPOT resource (and supporting bulletins) provide information on specials versus licensed medication. Support tools include advice on hierarchy of risk, on alternatives, and areas for cost saving.

Info_bulletin_SQ_preopt.png  SPOT-List

Bulletin 157 - Management of type 2 diabetes now available to all PrescQIPP users

Management of type 2 diabetes is now available to all PrescQIPP users.

This bulletin is an update to the oral hypoglycaemics and other antidiabetic drugs bulletin. It discusses the evidence base for the currently available antidiabetic drugs (including newer treatment agents)  and their place in therapy for type 2 diabetes in line with current NICE guidance. Subscribers can also access supporting implementation tools, such as, pathway template documents, audit tools and a patient letter.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png   Management of type 2 diabetes

Bulletin 155 - Commissioning: Medicines in service redesign, a how to guide now available to all PrescQIPP users

Commissioning: Medicines in service redesign, a how to guide is now available to all PrescQIPP users.

This bulletin combines the service redesign and off prescription models workplan items into one bulletin.  It discusses the issues that need to be considered when redesigning services and models other than FP10 supply. A project planning tool has been developed as a supporting resource. 

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Commissioning - Medicines in service redesign

Horizon scan

This table shows the most recent PrescQIPP publications and the resources currently passing through our quality assurance process. Items marked 'coming soon' or 'in QA'  are yet to go out to stakeholder consultation. To register your interest to feed in to the development of our resources, please visit our stakeholder page or email our Operations Manager, Michelle Harrison:

View our 2016/17 work plan

Please note the work plan is subject to change throughout the year due to subscriber input.

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