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We are an NHS funded not-for-profit organisation that supports quality, optimised prescribing for patients. We produce evidence-based resources and tools for primary care commissioners, and provide a platform to share innovation across the NHS. Most of our materials are publicly available, however we also provide a range of data and intelligence toolswebinars and events for our subscribers. We also aim to engage with a broad range of stakeholders including patients and carer groups, the pharmaceutical industry and voluntary sector organisations.

You can read more about us and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Latest news stories

PrescQIPP welcomes Heywood Middleton and Rochdale CCG

A huge warm PrescQIPP welcome to Heywood Middleton and Rochddale CCG - the latest additions to the diverse and ever expanding community of subscribers.

Bulletin 139 Launched - CKD guidance

This Bulletin is written in 2 parts- The CKD resource covers the new classifications of CKD and drugs which are likely to cause kidney damage. The AKI part of the bulletin covers current advice around sick day rules and signposts to the Think Kidneys resources.

Audits, searches and patient information materials are available to support this resource.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  CKD - Implementing NICE guidance

Our updated data metrics for FY16/17

Following our March review of metrics with subscribers, we have only made a few changes to our indicators detailed below.

In the primary care scorecard, although we have not deleted any indicators, the following indicators have gone into archive listing with a view to deleting in 2017/18 (as savings are minimal or the indicator is no longer appropriate to measure):

  • Ezetimibe & Ezetimibe with Simvastatin cost per 1,000 STAR PU
  • Low cost venlafaxine plain & MR as % of all venlafaxine
  • prednisolone standard tablets as % of all prednisolone
  • generic tamoxifen, anastrozole & letrozole as a % of breast cancer treatment.

Where we have previously measured indicators in ASTROPU or patients and there is a STARPU value available, we have used STARPU but have archived the old measures in case anyone is still using them, again with the view to deleting in 17/18. 

These include Opioid patches cost per 1,000 cost based ASTROPU and oxycodone MR cost per 1,000 patients. 

New indicators on the primary care scorecard include measures for blood ketone testing and urine glucose testing both of which are measured per QoF registered patient. If there is enough interest we will add bulletins on these areas to the workplan consultation for 2017/18.  We have also added an indicator to measure uptake of insulin analogue biosimilar and an indicator looking at drugs other than statins as a proprtion of all BNF 2.12- incorporating omega 3, fibrates, bile acid sequestrants etc. We still have the omega 3 fatty acids indicator in the DROP-List.

In the quality scorecard we are now measuring hypnotics per ADQ based star PU instead of cost based STARPU as that is how they are now measured on ePACT. As this was an ePACT indicator, we have no archived indicator for this measure and are unable to recrease the data for an archived indicator.  The antibiotics prescribing indicators are in line with national measures. 

The self care items have been removed from the DROP-List scorecard and incorporated into a new self care scorecard. Once we are ready to publish the DROP devices bulletin, we will add measures for all the devices on the list into the DROP-List scorecard. 


PrescQIPP responds to thyroid organisations on Bulletin 121 – Liothyronine

We are concerned that some thyroid patients have the incorrect impression that PrescQIPP is recommending the removal of liothyronine from the NHS. This is not, nor has it ever been our position. 

This appears to based on a misinterpretation of the PrescQIPP DROP-List which stands for Drugs to Review for Optimised Prescribing, and of Bulletin 121 which addresses management of primary hypothyroidism. 

Bulletin 121 recommends that prescribing of thyroid hormones is in line with British Thyroid Association (BTA) guidance, and that all patients taking liothyronine (alone or in combination with levothyroxine) are reviewed for suitability for switching to levothyroxine. The bulletin also emphasises that any changes to treatment should be tailored to the individual patient and their involvement sought.

We have engaged with Thyroid UK and Thyroid Patient Advocacy and are grateful to both organisations for their detailed submissions and comments about the bulletin. 

The submissions made by both organisations and our published responses to them can be accessed from the following links. 

Bulletin 130 Biosimilars - Insulin analogues now available to all PrescQIPP users

Biosimilars - Insulin analogues is now available to all PrescQIPP users.

Biosimilar insulin glargine is the most recent biosimilar to become available within the NHS. This product will be of particular interest in primary care as there is significant primary care prescribing of the insulin analogues. Primary care commissioners / Pharmacy Leads need to be able to understand the particular issues that relate to the biosimilar version of insulin glargine as well as the key issues affecting uptake.

 Biosimilars - Insulin analogues

PrescQIPP welcomes Wigan Borough CCG

The PrescQIPP community continues to expand and we're thrilled to welcome Wigan Borough CCG as the newest member. 

Horizon scan

This table shows the most recent PrescQIPP publications and the resources currently passing through our quality assurance process. Items marked 'coming soon' or 'in QA'  are yet to go out to stakeholder consultation. To register your interest to feed in to the development of our resources, please visit our stakeholder page or email our Operations Manager, Michelle Harrison:

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Please note the work plan is subject to change throughout the year due to subscriber input.

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