PrescQIPP in brief

We are an NHS funded not-for-profit organisation that supports quality, optimised prescribing for patients. We produce evidence-based resources and tools for primary care commissioners, and provide a platform to share innovation across the NHS. Most of our materials are publicly available, however we also provide a range of data and intelligence toolswebinars and events for our subscribers. We also aim to engage with a broad range of stakeholders including patients and carer groups, the pharmaceutical industry and voluntary sector organisations.

You can read more about us and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Latest news stories

Health coaching - Dr Penny Newman - 8th Oct, 1pm - 2pm

On the 8th Oct 1-2pm, we will be welcoming Dr Penny Newman, NHS Innovation and Accelerator Fellow, former GP, Director of Public Health and Medical Director, will be talking about what health coaching means and how pioneers across the country are using the skills to transform services, improve patient outcomes and make clinicians lives easier. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.

All registered NHS users can sign up here 



Bulletin 226 launched - Medicines in schools

Commissioners can use these resources to support developing a medicines policy in schools. The resource covers both prescribed medicines and the use of OTC medicines without the need for a prescription. Parent consent form templates are available and can be adapted for local use. 

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Medicines in schools

NEW self care resources and updated webkit

We are please to launch the PrescQIPP self care resources and updated webkit which we have produced to support implementation of the NHS England OTC guidance. As well as the bulletin and briefing, a range of resources are available to support local campaigns including:

  • Project planning tools, 
  • Postcards, social media messages, and template press releases to support local campaigns. 
  • Patient Information leaflet which compliments the version published by NHS England 
  • Resources for professionals which include a "no prescription required pad, receptionist checklists and pharmacy labels. 

We also have two dynamic infographics posters available currently

  • An overarching one which covers all conditions but can also be adapted to cover individual conditions if needed for local campaigns 
  • A summer health one which covers travel and summer health

Over the next few months we will be producing four more themed posters to support specific campaigns- keep your eyes peeled for these.

All these resources and more are available on the self care webkit

Bulletin 156 launched - Commissioning high cost drugs and devices

This bulletin provides background and guidance to commissioners on arrangements for high cost drugs and devices that are excluded from the National Tariff and provides supporting tools for implementation.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Commissioning high cost drugs and devices

Bulletin 193 launched - Appliance formulary development guidance

In England and Wales in excess of £668 million is spent annually on wound care, continence and stoma appliances (estimated from PrescQIPP Snapshots April 2017 - March 2018). Local wound care, continence and stoma formularies are developed as a means of improving the clinical appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of products used. Formularies can help to reduce waste by ensuring that the correct products are prescribed in appropriate quantities. This bulletin outlines how to develop and maintain appliance formularies. A briefing, planning tool and links to further resources are also available.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Appliance formulary development guidance

Bulletin 214 launched - Community pharmacy - Managed repeats

This bulletin focuses on managed repeat prescription ordering services offered by some community pharmacies. It provides guidance and advice for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or medicines management teams working with GP practices, who are considering reviewing these services with a view to offering an alternative service model that will reduce waste, improve patient safety, ensure a robust repeat prescription service and empower patients to take responsibility for and manage their own medication(s). A briefing and planning tool are also available.

Info_bulletin_SQ.png  Community pharmacy - Managed repeats

Horizon scan

The table below is a live list of all of the items currently in development or planned for 2018/19. You can also download this year’s work plan as a PDF.

 Survey_C.pngPrescQIPP Work Plan 2018/19

Please note the work plan is subject to change due to subscriber input so the horizon scan is the most current source of information.

If you would like to register your interest to take part in the stakeholder consultation on any of the items listed and still available please email