Patient and carer groups

We welcome the views and comments of patients and carers and seek to do this via representative groups. This approach means that can access the views and experiences of multiple patients. As a small organisation, we are also unable to manage direct engagement with a large number of individuals.

Why we want to work with patients and carer groups

Like our subscribers, we want patients to get the best quality outcomes from their medicines. This is called 'medicines optimisation' and it means that patients must be informed, empowered, and involved in decisions about their health. They should also feel able to say when they are unsure or unhappy about any aspect of their treatment, and to know where they can find help.

This is important because we know that:

  • Up to half of patients do not take their medicines as recommended either because they are unsure, unable, or choose not to
  • Many patients are unaware of the services and support with their medicines that are available to them
  • Many patients are taking multiple medicines for different conditions, some of which may be unnecessary or causing them problems
  • 57 million GP consultations every year are for minor ailments that could be self-treated by patients at home

These are real challenges for patients, prescribing professionals and the NHS. We aim to develop resources that will help our subscribers to address them, and ensure patients are at the centre of their care. That's why we include accessible information leaflets in our resource packs that can be shared with patients during discussion about their treatment.

How we want to work with patients and carer groups

We want to work with patient and carer organisations to:

  • Signpost patients to sources of quality information and help with their medicines
    Empower patients to manage their own care for common ailments with help from community pharmacists
  • Collect research and evidence about patient experiences of medicines, especially those that feature in work plan
  • Get feedback on our draft resources particularly patient information letters and leaflets, through our stakeholder consultation process

What you can do

We would love to hear from you if you represent a national patient or carer organisation. If you are an individual patient with an interest in PrescQIPP's work, we suggest that you to contact the most appropriate representative patient group for you and encourage them to engage by directing them to this page.

Please use the form below to register your interest for stakeholder consultation and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

We would also love to know about any additional sources of medicines support for patients that we should add to our list, and research into patient experiences of medicines.

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