Pharmaceutical industry

One of the overriding themes in the emerging Medicines Optimisation agenda is that of improving the way that we communicate and work with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient outcomes.

With significant challenges facing the way that the NHS operates as a result of GP commissioning, the economic situation and the sharp increase in Long Term Conditions, all parts of the system will need to find ways to work collaboratively in the future.

Therefore PrescQIPP aims to help further engagement with industry in a robust, transparent and responsible way.

How to engage with PrescQIPP

On 1st February we held a webinar to provide an overview of PrescQIPP, our delivery and consultation processes and how pharmaceutical companies can engage with us. The video is now available below for you to use as a guide.

Primary care rebate schemes

Over recent years, we have seen an increasing number of financial schemes being offered to NHS Trusts.

Now that the commissioner model of the NHS has been fully implemented, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking for opportunities to emulate the secondary care model, paying retrospective discounts to commissioners based on sales into the community.

This is also an area that GPs are familiar with and increasingly something commissioners are considering.

Whilst discounts to primary care commissioners could provide significant efficiency savings, if correctly and transparently governed, there is a risk of perverse incentives altering local prescribing adversely.

In response to these risks, the Pharmaceutical Industry Scheme Governance Review Board has been established to address these risks.

Delivered as part of what we deliver to those commissioners who subscribers, the Board is offering comprehensive governance to assess whether schemes offered locally are clinically and financially appropriate.

Please find more information about primary care rebate schemes here.

Primary Care Rebate Board operating model

Primary care rebate schemes webinar - October 2017

On 30th October PrescQIPP hosted a webinar on primary care rebate scheme (PCRS) governance systems in the United Kingdom, covering the PrescQIPP Pharmaceutical Industry Scheme Governance Review Board.

The session was chaired by Kevan Wind, and was a general educational session for stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry to help explain our assessment process.

Stakeholder consultation as part of our QA process

PrescQIPP aims to engage a wide range of groups as we develop resources. As part of our Quality Assurance process PrescQIPP offers genuine stakeholders the opportunity to register to review and comment on relevant draft materials.

Our stakeholders include patient and carer groups, pharmaceutical industry, voluntary sector organisations, and NHS professionals, groups, organisations and networks. Visit our stakeholder page to find out more about our relationships with these groups.

How to get involved with stakeholder consultation:

  • Take a look at the Horizon scan. This table shows all of the work plan items that are scheduled in for the year and if they are still open to stakeholders
  • Get in touch by completing the form below and mentioning that you are a stakeholder and would like to register your interest
  • We will then be in touch to provide you with the relevant registration documentation, further information and, if necessary, arrange a call to chat through the process

Referencing PrescQIPP resources after publication

We are often asked if companies can reference our resources after publication. Whilst we are happy for the content of any publicly available resources to be appropriately and accurately referenced in educational materials or medicines information, we do not agree to our resources being used for marketing purposes. 

All bulletins have the following statement at the bottom:

“This bulletin is for use within the NHS. Any commercial use of bulletins must be after the public release date, accurate, not misleading and not promotional in nature.”

For rebate schemes we suggest the following wording can be used:

“The [company name] scheme has been through the PrescQIPP assessment process and has achieved an [insert status colour, e.g. amber] status”.

If you are unclear about this advice, please contact us via the get in touch form below for clarification before using our materials.

Requests for meetings and other engagement

PrescQIPP has grown rapidly in size and coverage but we are still a relatively small team, working predominantly with and for the NHS. We receive a high volume of requests for meetings, which we sadly do not have the capacity to accept.

That said we are always keen to consider new and exciting projects that our subscribers may wish to consider. As such we are happy to hear from companies via email, and we are committed to responding to all stakeholders in a positive and cooperative manner.

Please click here for more information.

Does my company already have an agreed point of contact?

Please check the list below. If your company isn't on the list then please agree the contact internally and then let us know.

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