Our subscribers

Our subscribers (Integrated Care Boards, Welsh Health Boards, the Department of Health Northern Ireland, Scottish Health Boards and the Isle of Man and Jersey) are at the heart of everything that we do.

We work closely with subscribers to build and deliver a work plan based on their needs and priorities, and they are represented on the Council of Members that governs us. 

You can view and download the full list of our subscribers, and see the areas that they cover on the interactive map below.

Become a PrescQIPP Champion

We are looking for a pharmacist or pharmacy technician from each ICB/HB area to be a ‘PrescQIPP Champion’. We will train you on the latest PrescQIPP resources so that you can cascade these locally and optimise your PrescQIPP subscription.

The training will include presentations and resources that you can use to disseminate information locally. We will also share resources in their development stage so that you can have a say about whether they meet strategic needs or let us know what further resources are needed.

This will be an opportunity to work more closely with PrescQIPP and receive PrescQIPP resources first.
For more information about the role, opportunities and commitments, please view the application information.

To make a nomination, heads of medicines optimisation should complete and submit the on-line nomination form available here.

Our subscribers