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Welcome to e-learning; home to high quality e-learning courses that have been used by over 5,000 professionals across the UK and beyond. PrescQIPP is a Skills for Care Endorsed Provider, all our courses are CPD accredited and several also carry a NICE endorsement statement. Read about our QA process.

If you're new to our e-learning, we'd highly recommend that you watch the one minute 'flythrough' video to the right. Alternatively, scroll down for more detailed information.

Available courses

Availability and pricing

Subscribing CCG Medicine Optimisation Teams (MOTs) can use each course up to five times to preview and trial it within their teams using a promo code. Please contact your subscriber lead for the code.

Our courses can be commissioned for members of your MOT and GP practice staff, or care providers in your area​ (non-merged CCG footprint) for only £375 (+VAT), or take advantage of our offer and commission three courses for £1,000 (+VAT).

For our new courses launched since the beginning of 2020; Anticholinergic Burden, Dependence Forming Medications, Polypharmacy and Deprescribing and Practice Medicines Co-ordinators we have a new pricing structure, you can purchase licences for our new courses:

  • 50 licences for £375 (+VAT)
  • 100 licences for £725 (+VAT)
  • 150 licences for £1,050 (+VAT)

(more licences are available with a volume based discount)

Download our courses and pricing summary >

HEE have purchased our Practice Medicines Co-ordinators (PMC) and two Managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community e-learning courses on behalf of all CCGs in England ​(other UK countries please contact us for bulk purchase prices).

Download our flyers below to send out to GP practices or care providers in your area.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our courses, please contact us at elearning@prescqipp.info.

Purchasing individual access codes for e-learning courses

If your commissioning organisation hasn’t already purchased an e-learning course, individuals can buy access codes on a pay-per-use basis on our webstore (our courses are typically £10 - £15 each).

All you need to do is follow these three quick and easy steps: https://www.prescqipp.info/learning/pay-per-use/

Getting access to e-learning courses

Make sure you're logged in to the e-learning platform before attempting to access courses

This is so that the system can record your progress and enable you to log back in and pick up where you last left off, and also to generate your certificate upon successful completion of the course.

If you do not already have a log in for the e-learning platform then please create one here.

I am part of (work for) a medicines optimisation team that subscribes to PrescQIPP

Members of MOTs subscribed to PrescQIPP can access courses free of charge (up to 5 times).

If you are from a subscriber MOT and are asked to pay for the course when enrolling, please contact your subscriber lead for the promotional code that will provide a full discount.

I am not part of a medicines optimisation team (e.g. practice or care home staff)

The cost of the course will depend on whether your commissioning area is a subscriber and whether they have purchased area-wide access.

If access has been paid for by your CCG, CSU or Health Board, you should not be prompted to pay. Otherwise, you can buy access as a one-off payment when you enroll on a course.

Flyers to promote e-learning courses

Here are flyers that you can send to healthcare professionals in your area with details of the courses and how they can be accessed.

You can choose the most suitable version depending on whether you have chosen to commission the course for unlimited free use for healthcare professionals in your area, or would like to promote on a pay per use basis.

Flyers for subscribers that have commissioned the course for their area

Download zip file >

Flyers to promote courses on a pay per use basis

Download zip file > 


If you have any questions, or need any more information about our e-learning courses, please use the contact us page via the help menu at the top of this page.