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About our e-learning resources

Quality assurance

CPD MemberWe are committed to producing resources of the highest quality using a robust and transparent process. Read more about the quality assurance for e-learning (eQA) that we use to produce our e-learning courses.

Available courses

Anticholinergic burden

This short course identifies how the anticholinergic burden can be assessed for individual patients and provides examples of medication reviews for those with a high burden.

Medicines use in care homes: Course 1

This course supports care home staff involved in any aspect of medicines use. This is the first of several e-learning packages for care home staff and students should have undertaken basic administration of medicines competency training as appropriate to their care setting prior to taking this course.

Optimising medicines for adults with type 2 diabetes

The aim of this course is to update practitioners on the content of the guidelines, and to illustrate how the principles of medicines optimisation can be used to improve patient care, safety and outcomes. The course is endorsed by NICE and is free to access by all NHS professionals.

Polypharmacy and deprescribing

This course explains the concepts of polypharmacy and deprescribing. It describes when polypharmacy may be appropriate or inappropriate and how this occurs. It provides practical advice on the initiation of medicines including shared decision-making with patients, in addition to examples of how inappropriate polypharmacy can be successfully reviewed and how deprescribing can be implemented.

Reducing opioid prescribing in chronic pain

This e-learning course will help equip healthcare professionals to tackle the growth in opioid prescribing and improve care for patients with chronic pain.

Anticoagulation: Stroke prevention in Atrial Fibrillation

This course is based on the NICE Clinical Guideline 180: Management of Atrial Fibrillation. It is designed for medicines management teams, GPs, practice nurses, practice pharmacists and non-medical prescribers.

Medicines use in care homes: Course 2

This is the second e-learning package to support care home staff involved in any aspect of medicines use and builds on the content covered in the PrescQIPP Care homes 1 course.

Practice medicines co-ordinators

This course is aimed at non-clinical staff in GP practices that manage the repeat prescribing process and will help to: improve medicines safety; improve satisfaction for patients and staff; reduce medicines waste; make savings by reducing or containing costs; become a point of contact for medicines related queries; work in collaboration with the medicines optimisation team.

Polypharmacy and deprescribing (concise version)

This concise course has been specifically developed from our longer Polypharmacy and deprescribing e-learning course, for use by GPs and experienced healthcare practitioners.

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