On Friday 1st October, 1-2pm, Helen Williams, National Specialty Adviser for Cardiovascular Disease and Consultant Pharmacist extraordinaire, discussed the latest addition to the cholesterol management portfolio, Inclisiran, and its place in therapy.

The presentation was followed by a Q & A session.

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Inclisiran webinar - Correction

During the PrescQIPP Inclisiran webinar on 1st October, a question was asked regarding the price differential between primary and secondary care, as described in the inclisiran Medicines Optimisation Pack.

In response to the question, the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) advised that there was central funding for a discounted price for secondary care, and that therefore inclisiran will be the same price in primary and secondary care.

However, following the webinar, the AAC have corrected this response and confirmed the following:

The cost of inclisiran when dispensed in hospital is at the contract price paid by NHS England. There is no central funding for this route.

Central funding is in place for inclisiran when dispensed in primary care; either via the FP10 or FP34D route. Primary care pays the nominal charge and the differential between the contract price and the nominal charge is borne by NHSE.

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