Whilst we do many kinds of data, our scorecards are the reports that we really hang our hat on at PrescQIPP, and what really differentiates us in terms of delivering intelligence to the NHS. Why? Because the wide range of indicators that make up these reports are derived from the evidence based bulletins and resources that we produce.

Effectively these indicators allow you, the commissioner, to underline your ambitions - and then progress - on an array of projects, considering variation, similar commissioners, opportunity and savings, and much more. In reverse, these reports allow you to see where you're an outlier, or have significant opportunity, knowing that many clinical are available to support improvement projects locally.

The scorecards come in a range of Visual and Excel Reports at commissioner (CCG/HB) level, or practice level if you commission this extra support.

Scorecards - one stop shop

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Scorecards - deep dive indicators

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Scorecards - quick maps

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