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This page will bring together all the PrescQIPP care homes resources and showcase good practice examples of projects focusing on medicines optimisation in the care homes setting. Each set of resources contains tools that can be adapted for local use before implementation. 

General resources



We have three e-learning courses on Medicines use in care homes. Click on the links below for details of the modules for each course. All courses can be accessed on the e-learning platform.

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  • Medicines use in care homes 2
  • Medicines use in care homes 3

Reducing antipsychotic use in Dementia

The use of antipsychotics in dementia to control behavioural and psychological symptoms has been a concern for many years. The PrescQIPP toolkit looks at the safety issues associated with using antipsychotics in this way and also provides practical tools and guidance to support the reduction of use. The toolkit is not just aimed at care homes, however is an important resource to include in the care homes webkit.

T7: Reducing antipsychotics in dementia toolkit

The reducing antipsychotic prescribing in dementia toolkit is a resource aimed at healthcare professionals and carers, which can be used to support the management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia without the use of antipsychotics.

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Reducing antipsychotics in dementia webinar

This webinar showcased the resources in the reducing antipsychotics in dementia toolkit and discussed the evidence behind the recommendations.

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Integrated care home dementia video

The video provides a real 360 view of the projects, their achievements, how they were established and the real benefits they have made to homes dealing with patients on low dose anti-psychotics, and the quality of life for the patients themselves.

Shared good practice