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Dermatology webinar

Sajida Khatri, PrescQIPP Primary Care Lead and Lindsay Wilson, PrescQIPP Pharmacist Project Manager showcase our dermatology bulletins and resources.

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Eczema and psoriasis

The resources below discuss the use of steroid treatments in eczema and psoriasis, including psoriasis of the scalp. The bulletins below also contain data packs.

B116: Topical corticosteroids

Discusses the topical steroids used to treat skin conditions such as such as eczema and psoriasis. The bulletin and associated support material focus on ensuring good practice, prescribing appropriate quantities, regular review of topical steroid treatment and rational product selection.

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B90: Calcipotriol / Betamethasone (Dovobet®) in psoriasis

Focuses on the appropriate use of Dovobet® in treating psoriasis and discusses concerns about long term continuous use. It provides guidance for those reviewing prescribing and ensuring it is only used intermittently with safer alternatives.

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B118 : Shampoos and other scalp preparations

This bulletin focuses on shampoos and scalp preparations for the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp and seborrhoeic dermatitis. It discusses appropriate use of these products, including duration of treatment.

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Dermatology specials are a significant part of the overall spend on specials. The British Association of Dermatologists has produced guidelines which contain a restricted list of specials recommended for prescribing.

B133: Topical diltiazem (SPOT-List)

Topical diltiazem appears in the top ten Specials Prescribing Optimisation Tool (SPOT) list. Unlicensed topical diltiazem preparations are often used for treatment of anal fissures.

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B168: British Association of Dermatologists revised guidelines

This bulletin reviews the prescribing of dermatology specials to try and ensure that any prescribing of dermatology specials is appropriate and in line with the British Association of dermatologists guidelines.

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British Association of Dermatologists revised guidelines data

As part of the new PrescQIPP Visual Analytics platform integrated into this website - British Association of Dermatologists Revised Guidelines Visual Datapack.

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Barrier products

B181: Barrier products

This bulletin reviews the place in therapy of barrier preparations. It offers guidance and support material for organisations considering reviewing their prescribing of these products.

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Barrier products visual datapack

As part of the new PrescQIPP visual analytics platform integrated into this website - Barrier products visual datapack.

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B138: Sunscreens

This bulletin supports the review of prescribing of sunscreens to ensure that any prescribing is for products on the ACBS list and that it meets ACBS criteria.

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DROP-List Items

The following items are on the DROP-List and should be reviewed as they are considered low priority treatments, have little evidence to support their use or can be considered as self care. 

B57: Eflornithine review

This bulletin focuses on eflornithine 11.5% cream, which is a low priority treatment. It recommends that self-funded cosmetic treatments should be the primary option for facial hirsutism for the majority of women.

B60: Minocycline use in Acne Vulgaris

This bulletin discusses safety concerns relating to the use of Minocycline and provides the rationale for new patients to be commenced on an alternative antibiotic and for current patients to be considered for a switch to an alternative antibiotic.