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Here you'll find resources we've developed in response to a number of queries received around a given topic.

As these resources have not been through the full QA process and are designed as an information resource for you to use locally to support decision making, we ask that you do not add these resources to public facing web pages.

Melatonin preparations

PrescQIPP has received numerous queries on the newly licensed melatonin products. A PrescQIPP bulletin is in production which will cover these in more detail. We thought a quick summary in the interim would be helpful.

Newly licensed melatonin preparation 12-07-19.pdf

Namuscla (mexiletine)

A licensed version of mexiletine, Namuscla® 167mg capsules was launched earlier this year.

There is likely to be a significant cost pressure in primary and secondary care if this is introduced without consideration given to medicine optimisation.

We have summarised the issues and suggest medicine optimisation solutions to reduce cost pressures.

Namuscla (mexiletine) August 2019.pdf