General resources

B145: ONS guidelines

These guidelines update the previous ONS guidelines and set out the steps for prescribing ONS and provide useful advice on monitoring progress as well as for prescribing in malnutrition associated with special conditions such as palliative care or drug misuse

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Fabulous Fortified Feasts

One of the resources developed for the Nutrition Toolkit was Fabulous Fortified Feasts, a collation of useful recipes, advice and ideas. for increasing the calorie and protein intake of people with weight loss, small appetite or people with or at risk of malnutrition.

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B146: Infant feeds

Breast-feeding is promoted and encouraged, but when the decision to move to formula in infants with special requirements has been made, this guideline provides primary care prescribers with advice on which formulas to use.

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B188: Assisting people with swallowing difficulties

Although the use of thickeners is not just associated with care homes, there are particular concerns around the use of these products in care homes. These resources provide guidance on safe and appropriate use and encourage regular review.

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Gluten Free

NHS England

In November 2018 NHS England published guidance to Clinical Commissioning Groups on the prescribing of gluten free products.

From the 1st December 2018 the National Drug Tariff changed the classifications of these products to only include bread and flour as per the guidance.

More information regarding the guidance can be found via this link to the NHS England website.

B69: Gluten free prescribing

By prescribing only long life bread and flour, patients will receive a supply of staple foods on the NHS that are considered to be cost effective to contribute to the increased cost of maintaining a gluten free diet.

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