High dose opioids audits

The set of audit tools linked below were developed by the NHS England East of England CDAO network to support practices and community pharmacists review and tackle high dose opioid prescribing. The audits have been designed to support prescribers reflect on their prescribing. Searches have been built by PrescQIPP.

General practice opiate audits

Dependency Forming Medicines Workshop materials

On 20 May 2019, Dr Sarah Rain and Dr Ruth Bastable did a workshop on dependency forming medicines.

This educational slideset was used during the workshop and contains both clinical evidence and case studies.

Dependency Forming Medicines Workshop.pdf

Sean's story - short films for patients and prescribers about opioids and chronic pain

NHS England South West have launched a new patient story - Sean’s Story as two short films.

‘Sean’s Story’ tells the story of Sean Jennings from Cornwall who had a hernia operation 25 years ago and ended up suffering chronic pain. For many years Sean was taking opioids which caused a range of side effects and did not alleviate his pain.

The film shows how long-term use of high-dose opioid prescribing had a devastating impact on his quality of life and how subsequent non-drug therapy has been life changing for Sean. Sean now manages his pain without medication.

Two separate editions of Sean’s Story have been produced:

  1. For patients who suffer from chronic pain and non-clinicians with an interest in this area
  2. For prescribers and clinicians such as GPs, non-medical prescribers, and physiotherapists

For patients:

The film aims to encourage and inspire patients with chronic pain to seek alternatives to prescription opioids to help deal with their condition. Practices are being asked to display this film on their website and waiting room screens.

A patient version is available from this link:


For prescribers:

The film is also aimed at medical professionals to encourage them to consider incorporating psychological therapies into their patient’s care when they are prescribing opioids for pain. It aims to highlight the over-medication of some patients and to consider referrals to pain management courses which are widely available.

This film can be played to colleagues at events and meetings.

A prescriber version is available from this link:


The resources for prescribes highlighted by Dr Jim Huddy from NHS Kernow CCG are published here:


Both films and links to other resources are published here:


Leeds pain clinic patient information