Opioid aware webinars

The three webinars below were delivered by Dr Ruth Bastable to launch and update on the opioids aware audit which was first launched and run in the East of England.

Opioid aware webinar - 1 of 2

Dr Ruth Bastable presents her Opioid Aware webinar. Opioids have a very limited place in the management of chronic pain.

This webinar provides an introduction to the topic and some of the material on the British Pain Society website, Opioids Aware (https://www.fpm.ac.uk/faculty-of-pain-medicine/opioids-aware‚Äč).

Opioid aware next steps webinar - 2 of 2

Dr Ruth Bastable presents part 2 of her Opioid Aware Next Steps webinar. Opioids have a very limited place in the management of chronic pain, yet there has been a 450% risk in the amount of opioids prescribed in the last 10 years.

Most of this is for chronic pain. During this webinar we looked at what can we do about this? How can we help patients with chronic pain? And how can we recognise patients at risk of problematic opioid prescribing?

Opioids aware audit webinar

We spend around 200 million a year on opioids, most of which is for chronic pain. We have seen a 400% rise in opioids prescribing in the last 10 years, again most of this for chronic pain, and most of this more potent opioids. About 5% of the population is now on opioids.

It was likely that everyone dialing into this webinar would know all this and be very Opioids Aware. The question was, what can we do about the use of opioids in chronic pain, especially high dose opioids?

Here was one idea - an audit, heavily educationally resourced, which puts this question to the primary care community. The community come up with some great ideas, some of which may be helpful to you in your work. As usual this presentation was followed by a Q&A.