Self care

This page brings together all the PrescQIPP medicines self care resources as well as showcase good practice and examples of projects.

General resources

B134: Self care for common conditions

This bulletin has been developed to support the planning and implementation of self care projects in line with the NHS England over the counter items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care guidance.

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B320: Over the counter items

The OTC guide lists self care medicines which can be purchased OTC to treat self-limiting and minor illnesses and includes their OTC sales restrictions.

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Self care project planning tool

This project planning tool provides a stepwise list of ideas and suggestions to help organisations plan and implement self care projects.

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Public facing resources

These resources can be used as part of your local campaigns to support self care. The resources include, postcards which can also be used as displays on waiting room screens, patient information resources and social media draft messages.

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Resources for professionals

These resources have been designed for healthcare professionals to use within a GP practice setting.

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Self care searches

The self care system searches are now available for you to download and use to help identify patients who may be prescribed items that could be purchased as self care instead.

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Specific targeted resources for common self care conditions

Self care videos

PrescQIPP is pleased to launch two new video resources to support self care work in your area, one for patients and one to share with colleagues. The videos were created in collaboration with Health and Care Videos, a trading arm of Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust that is working to create a library of videos for use in hospital, community and training settings.

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Primary care scorecard

All phases of the NHS England Low priority prescribing guidance have been incorporated into the primary care scorecard see our scorecard section for the full range of resources.

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Low priority prescribing

This visualisation contains data from January 2016 and will allow you to monitor trends in prescribing.

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Self care dynamic infographics

We're delighted to launch our self care dynamic infographics, which allows you to create data driven, and patient oriented posters for your practices. Have a play and let us know what you think!

We have combined the data and some of our assets to bring you the self care dynamic infographics- a set of posters to support specific self care campaigns. There is one general overarching poster and then there are posters for specific conditions and campaigns. Have a play and let us know what you think.

As with all our data, the metadata is on the final tab of the visualisation.

General poster

Summer health poster

Pain and fever poster

Coughs and colds poster

Mild skin conditions poster

Healthy eating (probiotics and vitamins) poster

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Shared good practice

This section highlights resources from CCGs, CSUs and other NHS organisations who have implemented self care projects.

Sharepoint - Selfcare campaign materials

Our subscriber network have kindly shared examples of their Self care campaign materials and resources.

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Be Self-care aware campaign (2019)

This campaign aimed to show how Derbyshire residents could live life well, with individuals best placed to look after themselves but with the support of services when required.

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Self-care Toolkit (2019)

This project aimed to develop a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ of resources, practices have immediate access to a range of materials which have been independently verified by pharmacy professionals.

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Self-care Toolkit for Care Homes (2019)

The toolkit expands traditional homely remedy schemes to embrace the move from a pill for every ill to the purchase of over the counter medicines for the treatment of self-limiting and minor conditions.

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Reviewing the prescribing of dry eye lubrication products (2019)

This piece of work was developed in order to support GPs in tackling the prescribing of over the counter medicines suitable for patients to purchase to manage minor ailments/conditions.

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Big idea - Self-care for the cared for (2018)

Our idea is attempting to make the practical implementation of self-care, in care homes and the domiciliary care environment, robust to address the areas identified above. It is simple and could be adopted as a national model to ensure consistency and safety.

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Big idea - Seven steps towards successful self care (2018)

My original concept is a suite of complementary offerings for general practice, community pharmacy and the public. Originally developed to promote our local self care policy they could be adopted Nationally to help drive implementation of NHSE medicines value programme.

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Big idea - Use of a decision aid in prescribing decisions (2018)

The decision aid was created was to support prescribers/clinicians: in advising patients appropriately on self-care; implementing the NHSE guidance to CCGs - Conditions for which OTC items should not be routinely prescribed in primary care.

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Innovation award silver - 'Self care' (2017)

Sati Ubhi, from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG, to discusses and shares the work on Self Care which was entered into the 'Patient Safety' category and won the Innovation "Silver" Award presentation in October 2017.

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Encouraging Self Care in the younger generation (2017)

This project aims to empower people on how to take ownership of their own health by promoting the self-care agenda. This supports the work which is being done by the CCG on Drugs of Limited Clinical Value.

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Highly commended - “Be Self-Care Aware” Campaign (2015)

The project is primarily to encourage patients to “Be Self-Care Aware “. To use their local pharmacies for self-limited conditions instead of their GP practice or A & E dept. The project aims include, working in collaboration with our neighbouring Staffordshire CCGs.

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Other national self care resources