General resources

B294: Medicines adherence and waste

This PrescQIPP bulletin focuses on tackling medicines adherence and waste locally. It provides guidance, advice, and examples of good practice for medicines optimisation teams to develop local initiatives and campaigns.

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Planning tool

This project planning tool allows commissioners to identify key stakeholders, consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a project and consider the best way to ensure there is buy in to drive the project forward locally.

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Repeat prescription ordering and Covid 19

Inhalers, insulin, ONS and Don't tick it campaigns

Four separate new waste campaigns for inhalers, insulin, ONS (sip feeds) and one general waste campaigns have been developed.

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Public facing campaign materials

Campaign videos

We have produced a campaign video, which is also split up into separate scenes that you can use locally. These can be used to be played in GP/health centre waiting rooms, pharmacies, via social media etc.

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The posters have been designed to complement the video resource. A range of posters are available which can be chosen to fit in with local campaigns and according to local preference.

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The postcards also complement the video resources. They can also be adapted to incorporate your own messages on the back of the postcards.

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Labels for pharmacies and practices

These labels/stickers contain the key campaign messages for use in different settings. We have provided two sets of ready-made labels in Word, in size 2.5 x 6cm.

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Example patient letter

The patient letter contains all the key messages from the waste campaign. It needs to be adapted before sending to patients.

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Press releases and social media

A press release and a range of social media messages are available for you to use to support your campaign locally.

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Shared good practice - Award winning project webinars

Shared good practice - Other projects

National publications and resources