Respiratory care

This page will bring together all the PrescQIPP respiratory care resources and campaign materials as well as showcase good practice examples of projects in respiratory care and signpost to self care resources available for organisations to use to support their own respiratory care campaigns.

General resources

B251: Asthma

This bulletin discusses the pharmacological management of chronic asthma and provides tools to support moving to a NICE-based asthma pathway.

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B61: Montelukast

The montelukast resources focus on the appropriate use of the leukotriene receptor antagonists (in particular montelukast which is used more than zafirlukast).

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B125: tiotropium in asthma

This resource looks at the place in therapy for tiotropium in asthma and compares to other treatments on the same step of the BTS guidelines. An educational slideset is available as a supporting tool for practice staff training.

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B109 - Inhaled therapy in COPD

The inhaled therapy in COPD bulletin and briefing has been updated to incorporate the new inhaled therapies licensed to treat COPD. The materials discuss the place in therapy of different inhaled therapies for COPD.

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Lowering the inhaler carbon footprint

Spacer device instruction videos and leaflets

Shared good practice - Award winning project webinars

Shared good practice - Other projects