Bulletin 295: Inhaler carbon footprint

This resource supports the NHS objective for lowering the inhaler carbon footprint.

The bulletin, briefing and attachment 1 have been endorsed by NHSEI Inhaler Working Group.

Inhaler carbon emissions data for each inhaler are provided.

The data tool provides comparative inhaler prescribing data at all levels. The inhaler switch tool allows users to view the impact of any inhaler switches on the inhaler carbon footprint and costs.

There will be monthly data updates of the visual data pack for a total of 12 months.

For subscribers, 2 new scorecard indicators will be available from December 2021 (updated monthly): Salbutamol carbon footprint per inhaler (gCO2e); pMDI (excluding salbutamol) to DPI & SMI (excluding salbutamol) as a % of total items (excluding salbutamol).

A full download pack of bulletins and attachments are also available.

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