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This page pulls together the information, tips and resources that you need to get the most out of the site and our community.

Getting started

It all starts here...

This page provides a great way to get started using our website. You'll find a concise overview of our resources and some of the things you'll need to bear in mind when using the site.

Registering for an account

Most of our resources require that you have an account with the website and are logged in. Please see the 'Accessing the resources on our website' section for more information.

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Accessing our resources on the website

What you can see on the website will depend on the access level you are assigned

When you register for a website account, our team will review your request and assign you the relevant access level (see right).

Please note that this is a manual process and the more accurate the data you provide, the faster we can process your registration.

  • NHS: For those who are not part of a subscribing MMT but work as part of the wider NHS and would like access to our innovation webinars and associated materials
  • Subscriber (standard): For members of a subscribing MMT who would like access to all of our resources, excluding Data and Primary Care Rebates
  • Subscriber (data): For members of a subscribing MMT who have been given the 'full access passphrase' by their HoMM which grants access to Data and Primary Care Rebates

Getting to know our resources

The site is choc-a-block with useful resources to support you including:


Information hubs pulling together all of the information you need around key therapeutic (e.g. diabetes) or strategic (e.g. polypharmacy) areas.

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Evidence-based clinical guidance with practical implementation materials for local delivery, all robustly quality assured with input from key stakeholders.

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Data and analysis

Find loads of instantly accessible and sophisticated prescribing intelligence, across strategic, financial, project (scorecards) and clinical (snapshots) areas.

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Clinical webinars

We frequently run webinars on all kinds of topics, here you can view all of the recordings, or sign up to take part in a live session in the future.

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Horizon scan

The Horizon scan shows the most recent PrescQIPP publications and the resources currently passing through our quality assurance process.

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Primary Care Rebates

For subscribed commissioners within the UK a range of scheme packs including assessments, contracts, clinical reviews and more.

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All PrescQIPP resources

An extensive list of all of the resources covered in the above, Where you can search by type, condition, setting, strategic priority and BNF chapter.

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Welcome webinar and guide

Aimed at new subscribers but available to all, this guide will help (re)familiarise you with what your PrescQIPP subscription has to offer and key tips to make sure you are making the most of it.

Spotlight on data and analysis

Access to data and analysis is probably one of the most valuable benefits of subscribing. The powerful tools on there let you view and manipulate national prescribing data to:

  • benchmark what you are prescribing and spending
  • monitor changes in your activity
  • identify priority areas
  • see the potential savings of making changes
  • calculate the cost of lost opportunities
  • and much more

Pharmaceutical industry scheme governance review board

We support a commissioner led group which reviews primary rebates schemes offered by pharmaceutical companies using a consistent framework.

Through this process, the Board highlights issues that you may wish to consider when making decisions about the uptake of rebate schemes locally. More information

Community resources

The greatest strength of the PrescQIPP community is the incredible collective knowledge, expertise and experience of subscribers. This part of the website provides a platform for engagement and knowledge exchange.

Register for 2023 awards and event

Find out more information and register for the event.

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Enter the awards 2023

It's a great opportunity to highlight and share good practice for the benefit of patients and there's also the chance to win a much coveted PrescQIPP award!

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Annual Awards and Annual Event 2022

We were pleased to hold our annual awards and annual event face to face this year. Lots of great networking took place and our CEO Carol Roberts introduced the day.

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2022 PrescQIPP Award winners

On this page you'll find quick links to the Innovations that won this year's (2022) awards. Click on one to view a full description and background to the innovation.

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Innovation and best practice

A place for our community to share innovative initiatives, written up in the form of case studies. Packed with loads of great ideas from across the UK.

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Innovation webinars

Many subscribers and guest presenters join us to share their experiences and insight around topics that would be of interest to the community in recorded and live sessions.

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The portal for subscribers to find and share useful operational documents such as job descriptions, business cases, QIPP plans and much more.

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Virtual Professional Groups

Regular virtual meetings where subscribers can connect and share experiences on a range of important topics. Great opportunity to build relationships with peers.

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Learning and development