Leadership at lunch 2023/24

Our very popular Leadership at lunch series has been revamped for 2023/24.

Leadership expert and coach Sarah Massie will deliver six lunchtime sessions covering the fundamental elements and considerations of leadership whether for projects, teams or systems.

Sessions will be held 1pm - 2pm on:

  1. Compassionate and collective leadership - See recording and slides below
  2. Building your team - See recording and slides below
  3. Managing change - See recording and slides below
  4. Communication and empathic listening - See recording and slides below
  5. Friday 7th June 2024
  6. Friday 12th July 2024

The series is suitable for anyone who is already leading, or aspires to lead in any capacity and would like an introduction to, or refresher on the key concepts including:

• Exploring leadership styles
• Building your team
• Motivation
• Managing change
• Sources of power
• Managing conflict
• Assertive influence
• Empathic listening
• The art of delegation
• Compassionate leadership
• Leadership communication

Registration is free for healthcare colleagues across subscriber systems including ICBs and Health Boards, plus GP practices, trusts and care homes.

Register for the remaining three sessions here