Innovation award highly commended - Big Idea - Luton CCG

On the 21st February, 1-2pm, we will be welcoming Tess Dawoud and Usha Panchal from Luton CCG to further capture and share their Innovation Award from October 2018 for the Big Idea – Highly Commended - Improving Medicines Safety in Children with Complex Chronic Disease (CCD) across the interphases.

Tess and Usha will present and share their experiences improving the safety of medicines prescribed, dispensed and administered to children with complex chronic disease (C-CCD), by identifying key components of an ideal system to support C-CCD in relation to medicines use and implementing locally the following priority areas:

  • Understanding the Children
  • Health Literacy and Education
  • Link up Data, Communication and Care
  • Enable Access to Expertise in the Community.

Usha will talk about the success stories as well as the lessons learned. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.

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