Bulletin 111: Biosimilars

These resources aim to provide clarity and guidance for prescribers and commissioners on biosimilars. Biological medicines have been with us for many decades. However it is only within the last ten years that we have seen copies of these medicines, called biosimilars, become available. Some of the these biosimilars have been for relatively simple molecules, e.g. growth hormone, but we are now seeing complex monoclonal antibodies, such as infliximab, being launched.

There is an 'Introduction to Biosimilars', covering the common issues and areas of confusion. The two summaries cover the key evidence and specific questions that relate to biosimilar infliximab, the first of a second wave of biosimilars reaching the UK. Biosimilars are a complex subject for patients (and healthcare professionals) to understand. The patient letter template provides some of the building blocks to facilitate some of the patient level discussions that inevitably will be taking place in the coming months and years as more biosimilars, in a wide range of therapeutic areas, become available for prescribing.