Self Care Webkit

This page brings together all the PrescQIPP medicines self care resources as well as showcase good practice and examples of projects. These resources focus on reducing the prescribing of over the counter preparations in general practice, signposting to the correct health service and supporting the implementation of the NHS England OTC guidance. Each set of resources contains tools that can be adapted for local use before implementation.

Self care project materials


Specific targeted resources for common self care conditions

These specific targeted resources cover individual common conditions. They provide self care advice and the next steps on treating a common condition. Please note the images below can be used for in-house printing and very shortly we will also provide a version suitable for professional printing.


Data self care scorecards

We have combined all our scorecards into single visualisations - you can access the scorecards below and filter out self care. The NHS England and PrescQIPP self care indicators have been combined but can be filtered out if needed.


Self care dynamic infographics

We're delighted to launch our self care dynamic infographics, which allows you to create data driven, and patient oriented posters for your practices. Have a play and let us know what you think!

We have combined the data and some of our assets to bring you the self care dynamic infographics- a set of posters to support specific self care campaigns. There is one general overarching poster and then there are posters for specific conditions and campaigns. Have a play and let us know what you think. 

As with all our data, the metadata is on the final tab of the visualisation.


Other national self care resources

The links below are some useful national resources to support the implementation of self care campaigns.

NHS England OTC guidance for CCGs March 2018 

NHS England Implementation resources August 2018

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Helping patients to help themselves self care for minor ailments e-learning course. March 2012 (updated February 2017).  


Shared good practice

The links below share some of the work done by other organisations and submitted as innovation awards.