ArrowsIntroducing PrescQIPP Visual Analytics

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ArrowsFrom little data to big analysis

The world of data is changing: there's so much of it and it's more than traditional desktop systems can handle alone. Across the NHS, and all other sectors, organisations are utilising business intelligence and visualisation systems to handle big data and make it meaningful. We believe that our community deserves nothing less, as managing and commissioning medicines use requires solid intelligence and analysis.

In 2016 we launched the PrescQIPP Visual Analytics platform, based on Tableau, offering a range of exciting new reports for commissioners. We’ve got really exciting plans for this system, building upon the many visual reports we've created so far. All reports will be integrated into the data hub, but also into relevent clinical pages, such as the webkits, so you can follow the route that best fits you, and create meaning from your own prescribing activity data.

How to find the Visual Reports?

The visual reports will be carefully threaded into our site, always signified by the turqioise slider / accordian. Some will be embedded into pages, and some will have their own pages. Please find below a list of direct links to some of our key reports:

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Is there any training or support to help me get to grips with this?

There certainly is! A range of interactive videos and live examples to play on can be found by going to the PrescQIPP Visual Analytics training page.

Financial and activity monitoring reports

In this collection you'll find reports that focus on activities relating to all or key parts of the monitoring that medicines teams do.

Financial Summary and Deep Dive Growth Reports (now with Visual Analytics)

An area we have been supporting and monitoring for number of years, the financial reports offer loads of information in multiple formats. This is also one of the first areas to get the PrescQIPP Visual Analytics treatment at both commissioner and practice level. Commissioner level reports are also available in Excel below:

ArrowsFinancial Growth Visual Reports 

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Financial Reports in Excel

Summary Growth Report  

Detailing the year on year changes in both item, spend for all of our subscribers. Also includes a range of charts at commissioner and AT (old, not sub region) level.

Data financial report C.pngFinancial Summary Growth Report - current financial YTD

Financial Summary Growth Report - full 12 months

Deep Dive Growth Report 

Allowing you to select your commissioning area, and view the following at either full 12 months or year-to-date:

  • Level 1 - BNF Chapter Level changes in spend and items.
  • Level 2 - Going down to section & chemical level within the selected BNF chapter. 
  • Top 100 - Showing the Top 100 chemicals in terms of Actual Growth in cost, and compared to national. 

Financial Deep Dive Growth Report - current financial YTD

Financial Deep Dive Growth Report - full 12 months

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   Financial Reporting Download (folder)

Category M Growth Report

Offering a presentation (scenario) to help anticipate the impact of category M price changes within the FY.

    Category M Cost Pressure Report

Budget Setting Tools

To support the annual activity of local budget setting we have created a tool that pulls together a range of datasets that could be used to help you plan for the year ahead. The report supports planning at practice level for those who utilise our practice level support, and there's a template for you to include your practice information if you don't.

Budget Setting Tool - Practice Level Data (if you subscribe to PL support)

Budget Setting Tool - CCG Level Data (if you don't)

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Low Value Medicines Support Tools

As part of the NHS England consultation document on “low value medicines” a set of anonymised graphs have been included for each of the 19 products in the appendix to demonstrate the variation in prescribing across all the England CCGs.

We thought it would be helpful to produce a corresponding set with CCG names so subscribers can identify themselves and other CCGs. These have been done as “top and bottom” to allow room for the CCG names. Please note that this data is aligned to the figures within the consultation, which is January 2016 to December 2016 and so may not reflect recent work and progress.

There are two sets of graphs: Cost per 1,000 patients; Total Cost. For more detailed analysis relating to most of these items please see the PrescQIPP Visual Scorecards 

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Data_DROP_SQ.png  Low Value Medicines Support Tools

Right Care Support Tools

The Right Care support tools have been produced by PrescQIPP using the information from the NHSE Commissioning for Value, RightCare, in order to support our subscribers.

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Data_financial_SQ.png  Right Care Support Tools

Visual FP10 High cost drugs and high risk drugs prescribing report

This report has been designed to allow the identification of inappropriate prescribing of both high cost drugs excluded from the National Tariff, and drugs which are associated with a high risk and therefore may not be suitable for prescribing in primary care. The report has been run on all high cost drugs excluded from the National Tariff and cytotoxic agents from sections 8.1 and 8.2 of the BNF. Now including practice level data!

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Please note the following:

  • The report only includes products that have at some time been prescribed on FP10 (e.g. if an excluded high cost drug does not appear on the report even as a zero cost, this is because it has never been prescribed on an FP10 and therefore does not appear on ePACT).
  • The report shows the last 12 months available prescribing data and will be run monthly.
  • Some prescribing may be appropriate e.g. via shared care arrangements, or through claw back arrangements for NHSE commissioned treatments, or may be due to an ePACT error.
  • Inappropriate prescribing should be investigated locally.

Please email Jo Lowe with any comments or suggestions for additions/changes to the report.

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Data financial report C.png High Risk Drugs FP10 Prescribing Report (Excel - commissioner level only)

NCSO Price Concessions Cost Pressure Report


Supports the monitoring of drugs designated as NCSO and identifies the cost pressure each month relating to these products. This is not a forecasting tool, but a tool to highlight the actual cost pressure associated with these drugs.

Data financial report C.pngNCSO Price Concessions Cost Pressure Report

Drug Tariff Watch Tools (kindly shared)

We are grateful to be able to share two pieces of work to support monitoring of the changing Drug Tariff.

Tariff Watch reporting module

Tariffwatch is a document produced by prescribing advisers Mark Dasgupta and Andrew Martin (both working within the NHS), for the use and benefit of prescribing advisers also working within the NHS. Mark and Andrew have given permission for this work to be hosted on the PrescQIPP website for NHS users. It may be circulated freely within the NHS. More information can be found inside the document, linked below:

Inv_audit_SQ.png  Drug Tariff Watch (iPACT)

Pan Mersey APC Tariff Watch

Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee produces a report highlighting the top 100 price reductions and 100 price increases over the last 12 months. We think this a really useful piece of work. 

Pan Mersey APC - Tariff Watch

Out of stock bulletin - Alliance Healthcare

Alliance healthcare have agreed to share their most recent version of the out of stocks bulletin with PrescQIPP,  you can download the latest bulletin below.

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  Data_pack_SQ.png   Out of stock bulletin - Alliance Healthcare


In these reports you'll find comprehensive indicators and monitoring of projects relating to PrescQIPP work, including opportunity and achievement.

An introduction to our Scorecards

Whilst we do many kinds of data, or scorecards are the reports that we really hang our hat on at PrescQIPP, and what really differentiates us in terms of delivering intelligence to the NHS. Why? Because the wide range of indicators that make up these reports are derived from the evidence based bulletins and resources that we produce.

Effectively these indicators allow you, the commissioner, to underline your ambitions - and then progress - on an array of projects, considering variation, similar commissioners, opportunity and savings, and much more.

In reverse, these reports allow you to see where you're an outlier, or have significant opportunity, knowing that many clinical are available to support improvement projects locally.

The scorecards come in a range of Visual and Excel Reports at commissioner (CCG/HB) level, or practice level if you commission this extra support.

Visual Scorecard collection - all scorecards in one place

ArrowsVisual Scorecards 

All of our scorecards together in one visualisation, with bags of new functionality for subscribers.

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PrescQIPP Priorities Report (Excel)


The Priorities Report brings together headline information from across our three scorecards (primary, DROP-List and quality) in a simple and accessible format. The report will allow filtering of projects to support reporting within your commissioning area (s). This can all be found at:

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  Data tag method. C.pngPrescQIPP Priorities Report (file download)

 PrescQIPP Priorities Report (folder) 

The Primary Care Scorecard  (Excel)


The PrescQIPP Primary Care Scorecard is the nerve centre for all of our strategic prescribing projects, and is constantly growing in both use and functionality. The scorecard is directly aligned to our projects, and monitors changing activity at a commissioner level, as we update it each month. This resource is the first place to go before delving deeper into our data. Below is an outline of the scorecard's key features:

  • Summary Report - offering key information from all of the following tabs in one place for your area. As is the case throughout the document you can filter by YTD, last 3m or individual months within the FY.

  • Achievement - Compares commissioners across our community, grouped by Area Team (previous, not sub-region), against all of our 50+ project indicators.

  • Monthly Progress - Mapping your commissioning area's monthly progress against the project indicators. See what's improving and what's not in your patch.

  • Ranking - Looks at how you compare, and rank, against the England and Wales, your 10 'cluster' comparators (most like you as defined by NHS E), and within the PrescQIPP Community. We also provide the Range within these groups.

  • Avoidance (to Target & 100%) - The cost avoidance each subscriber could achieve within a 12 month period. Custom parameters to reflect recent activity.

  • Missed Opportunity (to Target & 100%) - The cost avoidance you could have achieved if the switch had been made - useful information for business cases.

  • Supporting info - including ePACT tags & tag listing and methodology - updated monthly, so you can replicate these projects at a practice level.

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Data_scorecard_C.pngThe Primary Care Scorecard

The Quality Scorecard (Excel)


The quality scorecard brings together prescribing indicators which focus on appropriate prescribing,  medicines safety and medicines optimisation issues. national prescribing indicators have been included and there are a few new indicators which we thought would be useful.  There are no savings calculations on the quality scorecard and as with the primary care scorecard RAG ratings are based on top 10% or top quartile nationally (Q4 14/15). This document is new, and currently in consultation - your feedback would be very welcome.

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Data quality C.pngThe Quality Scorecard

The DROP-List Drugs Scorecard and DROP-List Devices Scorecard (Excel)


The PrescQIPP Drugs to Review for Optimised Prescribing is one of our most popular project areas. We have traditionally produced a snapshot for this area, however following the release of the NEW DROP-List, we have now updated the monitoring to a whole new level of utility - akin to our other scorecards. For more information about the DROP-List please visit the DROP-List page.

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   The DROP-List Drugs Scorecard 

   The DROP-List Devices Scorecard 

The Self Care Scorecard (Excel)


Our latest scorecard focusing on items and products that may fit into a local self care campaign, in line with PrescQIPP's self care materials.

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Data_selfcare_C.pngThe Self-Care Scorecard

Tools that explain what's in the data (metadata) and provide background

In addition to the work that we're doing to produce data, we are also building a repository of tools, widgets and guides to help you understand our data, replicate at a practice level and support your own initiatives.

Practice Level Scorecard VA to Excel temple – A template to convert data extracted from the practice level visual scorecards to the old Excel format with conditional formatting applied.

Data_tag_method._C.pngPractice Level Scorecard Achievement VA to Excel template

Closest CCG Finder – A tool that helps you identify and understand how closest CCGs included across the data range have been calculated - by NHS England's Commissioning for Value not us:

   Closest CCG finder

Data Change Log – Always current, a log which details changes, enhancements and changes made to the data.

   Data Change Log

Full BNF Lookup – an extremely useful tool that lists all BNF codes linked to all BNF levels.

   Full BNF Lookup

Scorecard Support Calculations – Shows the meaning of the methodology used across the scorecards along with calculation methods applied.

   Scorecard Support Calculations

Scorecard Support Tag Methodology – An up to date version of both summary and full listing of our tags. Includes shared tag epact name along with full nutrition and dressings categorisations.

   Scorecard Support Tag Methodology

Scorecard Support Tag Methodology New Products – Updated monthly after release of the data, this will keep you up to date with new products added and if/where they apply to our tag listings and/or categorisations.

   Scorecard Support Tag Methodology New Products

These can all be found together at:

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   Support Tools

Watch a short introduction to the support tools

In this five minute video, Rachel gives a brief introduction to the intelligence support tools.

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Watch a video with an in depth explanation of wound care categorisation

The Scorecard Support Tag Methodology now includes the comprehensive wound care categorisation. To introduce this categorisation and also provide some introduction and training, please watch the video below.

Bulletin Data Packs

Visual Data Packs (from 2017)

As our march towards snazzier, more interactive data presentation continues we are now pleased to upgrade these reports to include all of the best elements of the previous Data Packs but with a whole new range of goodies including: 

  • Interactive Maps and tables
  • Closest commissioners based on CfV indiciators
  • Scatterplots, and other useful charts
  • Practice level data (if you subscribe to this extra)

Please see the reports that we've done so far below:

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Older (2016) Bulletin Data Packs in PDF and Excel

 With each and every bulletin we release, we have produced a data pack covering all of our subscribers (where we have data). This provides a ready reckoner for prescribing teams, to identify where their organisation sits, and whether the project is a priority. Within a typical data pack, you will expect to find:

  • A table covering all organisations within the partnership, grouped by area team, showing activity, total spend and per 1,000 patients. If the project is a financially oriented project this will also include cost avoidance to target and 'best' (the highest performing commissioning area).

  • Charts illustrating activity and cost - often totalled and per 1,000 patients, compared to National.

  • An Atlas of Variation style map showing activity within the partnership.

Once published, these data packs will be updated every six months to include new members and re-inform decision making.

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   Bulletin Data Packs 

Clinical Snapshots

Visually reporting on a range clinical or therapeutic areas, often including categorisations of often complex areas.

Snapshots - an introduction

A Snapshot is a report that providing categorisation and activity within a key area of prescribing, but does not go as far as a Scorecard. The reports may not be specifically linked to a set of our ‘projects’. They are, however, still packed with loads of useful information, down to practice level and are often very popular reports with our subscribers.

We produce Snapshots covering the following categories:

  • Continence
  • Controlled Drugs
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes
  • Oral Nutrition
  • Specials
  • Stoma
  • Wound care

A range of visual reports are available to subscribers after logging in.

Quick visual Snapshot maps

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Specials Tariff Watch

The quarterly specials tariff watch is designed to help prescribers navigate the changes in Part VIIIB of the drug tariff to facilitate cost-effective prescribing. It also includes the top ten list of potential highest savings. The document is based on, and replaces, work by Anne Fowler of NHS Lancashire (with thanks!).

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    Specials Tariff Watch 

This supporting document to the Specials Tariff Watch, shows the supporting data by CCG where opportunity lays, by specific drug and quantity.

Imp_guide_C.png  Specials Tariff Watch - Opportunity detail

Primary Care Rebates Administration System

Supporting the socing and administration of schemes we have assessed and published.

Primary Care Rebates Administration System

PrescQIPP is the country's largest provider of NHS governance around Primary Care Rebates, and was amongst the very first. Whilst we neither support nor endorse the uptake or existence of Primary Care Rebate Schemes, but have long held the view that whilst activity occurs locally that good governance and transparency should exist. For more information on our Rebates work please visit the Primary Care Rebates Webkit.

To support this activity we have produced a Rebates Administration System to assist commissioners in monitoring the possible financial returns from any rebate scheme you may seek to sign up to. You will only get the benefits if you sign up to the scheme yourself. Every month we take the NHSBSA ISP full data download and apply the working of the scheme to the relevant data set. This gives a theoretical rebate amount so commissioners don't have to work it out themselves or solely rely on data from pharmaceutical companies.

Historically we had a range of Excel reports, but have now incorporated these into one all-singing-all-dancing system, linked below:

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The traditional Excel reports will be available for the remainder of the 2016/17 financial year, and will then be retired.

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 Rebates Monitoring System Downloads

Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS)

AMS reporting in collaboration with NHS England and NHS Improvement

AMS Visual Analytics by PrescQIPP to support the AMS Quality Premium activities

In the visualisation linked below, you'll find our interpretation of the reports that we have been producing over the last two years as part of our collaboration with NHS E around Antimicrobial Stewardship. Please note that this is fully public domain data, from the NHS BSA Information Services Portal, and that is commonly used within the public domain - future visualisations will be restricted at the usual levels.

Antibacterial data monthly commissioner & practice level reporting against commissioner Improvement Assessment Framework AMR indicators & Quality Premium targets. Also provides specific antibacterial trend analysis.